Deepak Chopra’s Global Meditation for Peace to Break World Record


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Holistic teacher and author Deepak Chopra hopes to break the Guinness world record for the largest meditation gathering on Friday, August 8th.

The Toronto, Canada event will have world peace as its goal. Chopra is inviting the entire world to register for the live feed. You can register for the 12pm USA/Canada Eastern Time event and the live feed at

In addition to the meditation for peace, Grammy award winner India Arie will perform before and during the event.

Chopra maintains that group meditations have a peaceful impact on the entire human race. “When we change our own consciousness in the direction of peace, love, compassion, harmony or love, it affects everyone on the planet,” he said. “If we set our goal (to) 100 million people in the next years, maybe we will have a more peaceful, healthier planet.”

Chopra also says that group meditation “raises the collective consciousness that’s part of a universal domain of awareness. The more people are expanding their awareness, the more we can alter society for the better.”

This is roughly the same idea behind the annual US gatherings of the Rainbow Family of Living Light. They create a temporary cooperative city in a national forest, and this gathering culminates in a massive silent prayer for peace on the morning of July 4th.

To break the Guiness world record, they will need at least 15,000 people at the Toronto event. As of August 1st, only hundreds of people signed up for the live event and 40,000 registered virtually.

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  1. I have lost track of how several elements I�ve tried since developing ME/CFS 10 years ago, yet nothing has been greater than meditation. I was warned it might take at minimum 6 weeks of daily practice before I�d see a immense difference, plus I found that to be quite true.

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