Def Jam Records Founder Russell Simmons Writes Meditation Book

Russell Simmons, the hip hop tycoon who co-founded Def Jam Records, is currently on tour talking about his latest book, Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple.

The idea for the book came when many readers of Simmons’ other book, Super Rich, read the meditation chapter and told him how it transformed their lives.

A major premise of the book is that meditation can help make financial success easier. Russell interviews business leaders who testify about the idea that meditation is good for business.

Another premise of the book is similar to one of my prevailing messages. You can meditate anywhere and you are not too busy to do so. In Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple, he demonstrates how easy and portable Meditation is.

That simplicity really does come through whenever Simmons writes or speaks about the subject.

Some quotes from Russell Simmons about meditation:

“The clutter of the mind is the cause of all suffering. Needing something or neediness is the cause of suffering and the mind fluctuating is the cause of sickness, sadness and suffering.”

“When the mind is noisy, we miss the beauty in the world. When the mind is settled we see nothing but beauty. It’s pretty simple.”

I haven’t read Success Through Stillness yet, so I can’t review the book itself. I just love the way that he approaches the subject in an accessible way to new audiences. Simmons also has been practicing meditation daily for fifteen years, so he speaks from experience.

tom-von-deck-meditation-authorTom Von Deck is a meditation trainer, speaker and author of Oceanic Mind – The Deeper Meditation Training Course. Tom specializes in making meditation a much easier and more customized journey for busy and non-busy people from all backgrounds and paths. He is the Mackdaddy of The Deeper Meditation Blog and DeeperMeditation.Net.

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Def Jam Records Founder Russell Simmons Writes Meditation Book — 3 Comments

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  2. Mr Tom
    Would like to make a question about the 3rd Eye activation, that you demonstrate on the section for the guided meditation. Can I do the grounding referred to the Theta Meditation before I go to the 3rd Eye meditation?
    Thank you

    • Yes. Grounding exercises help. The more you ground yourself before doing the third eye and the Theta stuff, the better.

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