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I’m Still Alive — 3 Comments

  1. While I was in the womb, my Mother’s heartbeat was 160 bpm for 9 months. My reaction time is .37 of a second instead of .75. My IQ is between 155 and 183, depending on the test. My mind is like on ‘speed’, that I only took once in the 1980’s. to experiment. That appeared to me to slow everything down. My best friends who love me, and constantly ask me ‘how’ to do different things, tell me I talk way too much. This can appear to be condescending, but I don’t mean to be. My Lady, who is 18 years younger than me (50), asks me for help with many projects and learns much from my experiences in life. I’m more than willing to help my friends, for free, and ask for nothing in return, but sometimes feel like I’m only being ‘used’ for my brain. I’m told I talk way too much, and last night she said it borders on mental abuse. I’m troubled because I have zero malicious intent. My racing mind seldom allows me to get to sleep and my dreams are vivid. Can you teach me to be a better listener and provoke her to ‘spark’ conversation with me since she is very quite and shy?

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