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Mindfulness Research – 8 Weeks of Meditation Alters Brain Structure — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for all the help,
    I have learnt so much. I am very grateful to you. I wish to always be
    on your website. Thanks again
    and God bless you.
    Love not Light. Linda.

  2. Now i realise why ive never given matedition a chance before now! Whenever ive tried to concentrate just on my breathing id get distracted and feel as though id failed in some way. This vid has shown that this isnt so. Thats its normal to be distracted,,, The Hmmm bit made me laugh! I did a lot of Hmming in my minute! Great vid, thankyou.

  3. Dr Zinn is a phd professor of Psychiatry at u of machusetts and coined the word mindfulness meditation. Dr. Herbert Benson at Harvard Medical School from the 60s did the original research with the Buddhist monk showing that meditation changes the brain they’re two separate people that work together but Herbert Benson published in 1971 the relaxation response which is a response to stress produced by brains stress hormones. This is a different doctor Dan Brown professor Harvard University also does visualization of meditation seminars and he has deciphered almost 1/3 of the original manuals a meditation was taught that meditation which was taken over by Buddhist meditation but the original was that Benton. I have started with all of these masters and the research is not new it is ancient

    • Even thousands of years before functional MRI, many people knew these things experientially. Artistic expressions of saints feature halos. I suspect it’s a fully activated brain.

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