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“I am emailing you to recommend Tom as a speaker… I was impressed by his knowledge and presentation…”

– Bernie Siegel MD, multiple bestselling health author


“I recommend that everyone check out (Tom’s) web site and his program for improvement. One of the best I have seen.”

– Michael Jon Kell, MD PhD, host of Mind Brain Body, VoiceAmerica Radio

Employee stress costs USA companies more than $300 billion per year, according to the American Institute of Stress. That’s thousands of dollars per employee per year. With these numbers, employee stress management seminars and workshops make a lot of fiscal sense.

Many workplaces respond to this by booking employee stress management seminars and workshops that offer tips and advice for better communication plus a couple of relaxation techniques. Employees walk away with a few stress coping tools and a reminder to take some time out to relax and to not let things bother them so much. Such an approach can help to alleviate employee stress.

This is great. However, the key to really reducing employee stress is to adopt a workplace stress management seminar program that allows each employee to develop a CUSTOMIZED stress management training program that works uniquely for the individual. When each employee finds his/her unique route to a deep state of inner calm and even integrates it into a super busy schedule, the employee stress levels in the workplace will melt dramatically. The whole workplace will become peaceful, creative, present and productive.

A proper custom-tailored stress management strategy combined with meditation creates a powerul momentum which melts employee stress without a huge investment of time or self discipline. Employee stress transforms into creativity, balance, productivity and the ability to work to full potential. Even if just a small percentage of employees do this, a tremendous ripple effect transforms the entire workplace to a profound degree.

In his workplace stress management seminars and workshops, Tom Von Deck provides secular meditation techniques plus lots of tips and strategies for making meditation a much much easier and more customized process. Employee stress dramatically drops as the employee discovers the tools for creating his/her optimum stress management strategy.

Tom lives in Arizona, but his affordable workplace stress management seminars are worldwide. His trainings work around your schedule at your workplace or conference room. They can easily be slipped in before work, after work or during lunch. You have a choice between one 3.5 hour program, a series of one hour programs or one two hour program. Employee stress will melt like butter after this training.

Audio courses and books are also available in bulk for employees and for free with an onsite training. With every stress seminar, each employee gets a free copy of The Deeper Meditation Audio Course which features 400 minutes of meditation training, meditation warm up training and stress management strategy training. Employee stress will melt away as meditation becomes a much easier and more customized process. Employees will be surprised to learn that when they are compatible with every aspect of their meditation program, meditation ceases to be a chore. They are doing what they love doing anyway.

Employee stress management seminar scheduling options:

Lunch and Learn Stress Seminar: This is a one hour workshop which can be before work, after work, during lunch or some other time. Employees learn to create customized stress management strategies, about three meditation techniques plus ideas on how to customize their meditation techniques and overall stress management program. Some meditation warm ups will be covered as time allows.

Stress Management Seminar Series: This is a series of one hour programs totalling 3, 4, 5 or 6 hours. Employees will learn all the stress management techniques from the one hour seminar with much more elaboration on specific ideas for customizing a stress management program. Employees will also learn a lot more warm ups and more meditation technique ideas.

Half Day Stress Seminar: A 3.5 hour workshop with all of the elements of the seminar series.

Quarter Day Stress Seminar: A 2 hour workshop covering the same elements as the series, but less detailed.

For a quote or more information on stress seminar options, use the contact info below.

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