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 by Tom Von Deck

Both courses are dedicated to making meditation much easier.

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“Absolutely Foolproof Meditation for Busy People”

  • Learn foolproof strategies and techniques for making meditation training much much easier regardless of your technique.
  • Transcend hectic time schedules with “busy-proof” meditation strategies. You are not too busy.
  • Learn more than 60 meditation and mind body training techniques.
  • Discover powerful methods for enhancing any creative visualization exercise and multiplying the effects.
  • Employers: Here’s a complete Workplace Meditation Training Package for employees. Designed for the highest possible success and retention rates. For onsite trainings worldwide, see  Corporate Meditation Programs.


“I have been on my journey for many years but I have never encountered the clarity that your book has introduced me to. There were many aha moments. I studied Reiki, Theta healing and NLP. At no time could I capture the ability to almost instaneously go to a very deep level of mind. My life is more peaceful, more compassionate. Just lots of good things going on for me since I found your book online. Thank you.”

– Ellen from Warrensville Heights, Ohio


“Hi Tom, your meditation audios are astonishing. Thank you. It’s the best media-based meditation course I have ever seen — and I’ve seen a lot of them. It’s simple, elegant, effective. Your explanation is honest and authoritative.”

– Andre Nasser, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil via Facebook


“I’ve read this book, and it is the most comprehensive and easy to understand meditative resource I’ve ever found.  Thanks Tom for your excellent work.” 

 -Todd Schaefer, author of The Acceptance Guidebook, Soul Solutions 2009 newletter

“I recommend that everyone check out (Tom’s) website and his program for improvement. One of the best I have seen.”

– Michael Jon Kell, MD PhD



Meditation is hard, right?


Is it difficult just trying to relax?

Do you feel like you just don’t have time for meditation training?

Have you experienced great results in a meditation class or Yoga retreat? Was it hard to replicate that serenity at home?

The mind just keeps on ticking, doesn’t it?

You try to shut it off, and it just keeps thinking thinking thinking…

A teacher may have told you to “watch your own mind” or “take note of what’s happening inside”. That’s great advice, but maybe you had a hard time following it.

There are thousands of meditation training classes, Yoga classes, free meditation mp3s on websites across the internet, yoga podcasts, etc.

Perhaps you’ve tried them all. Still no peace.

The problem with all these things is that you are not given customized strategy training with these meditation and yoga techniques.

What does that mean?

There are commonalities between the numerous meditation and stress reduction traditions in the world. Many contain some type of strategy not only for preparing yourself for meditation, but for integrating your meditative state into your daily life.

For example, some Qigong traditions contain exercises such as smiling at your internal organs or self massage. Such exercises can be good meditation warm ups.

Buddhists may watch the mind and breath throughout the day and perform all their daily activities as mindfully as possible. That is their way of integrating meditative principles into their daily lives when they are not engaged in formal practice.

When you integrate your practice into your daily life, you may experience a powerful momentum which makes meditation a much easier process and inner peace more accessible at any given moment…

But only if you personally resonate with these strategies.

Each tradition comes in a “package”. You don’t necessarily resonate with every aspect of the package that you’re given. You may not even get a “package” with your tradition. It may just be a simple meditation technique with an “object of focus” that you are not compatible with.

The Deeper Meditation Audio Course (instant digital download) and the Deeper Meditation Training Course (book)  both offer more than 60 easy to understand meditation techniques and warm up exercises plus tips and strategies for making meditation a much much much much easier and more customized process. You will have all the tools you need to create a program that you are 100% compatible with.

When you are completely compatible with your program, and you know how to properly integrate it into your unique, and perhaps hectic lifestyle, then never again will meditation be a difficult activity for you.


“I am so glad I came across your course, I have been a bit stuck in my meditation practices, and since listening to warm up strategies, it has made a difference. I have done in the past Vipassana Meditation and plan to do a followup early next year. Your instructions will certainly enhance my meditation, thank you for making this available.”

Joe Kosterman from Gauteng, South Africa


Meditation training then becomes effortless regardless of how busy you may be. Self discipline is not even an issue once you have the right meditation strategy.

Everyone has their own unique spirituality, whether you think of it in spiritual terms or not. Everyone has something that “speaks to the soul”, a small set of things that are grounding, centering, calming and balancing.

The 6 hour, 40 minute Deeper Meditation Audio Course and the 196 page  Deeper Meditation Training Course will help you to discover these things. You may find a few ideas for activities you never knew existed.

Purchase the audio course on this website and get a free copy of the book shipped to you free anywhere in the world. The book and audio course are different from and complementary with each other. Each is a complete course in itself that will allow you to reach all the goals mentioned above. Combined, they are absolutely impeccable.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, simply return the book after checking out the book and audio course for up to 30 days and you receive a complete refund. You can still keep the audio course as a thank you gift.


“A treasure trove of tools & techniques-lots of value here! Very pleased!” -A satisfied Ebay customer


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The price is insanely affordable. $49.95 USA for the audio course and book. It is such an insanely low price, that it makes me squirm. It could go up at any time, or maybe the book won’t be offered free along with it.


So get it now while I’m still an idiot.


Go ahead. Scour the internet for watered down “free” meditation training websites all you wish. This is the one stop source that will save you lots of time and endless hassle. Click on the link below and use the secure https shopping cart.



5 Star Amazon Review:

“I’ve only just begun to explore meditation and yoga techniques. As a beginner, it’s sometimes difficult to know what to expect from either. However, the Oceanic Mind has allowed me to learn very effective breathing exercises and meditation practices which I now incorporate into my daily life. By simply following Tom Von Deck’s excellent instructions, I have been able to improve my body posture and energy flow through deep breathing and practicing mindfulness. I can’t say enough about this book and the countless benefits that anyone can receive if they approach it with an open mind. I appreciate that Mr. Deck does not preach or even teach in the usual sense. He leads the reader through the basics while also honoring the essential spirit of meditation and yoga. There’s no need for a strict program to be adopted because Mr. Deck allows the reader to develop their own natural system of meditation that suits them best. This is a true gem that will help anyone who struggles with anxiety, depression, or just being a person. I have already developed a sense of inner stillness that I never did before and wish to thank Mr. Deck for sharing his gift with the rest of us. :)”


In case you wish for a little bit of background:


Tom Von Deck

Tom Von Deck

Tom Von Deck has been studying meditation since 1987. The Deeper Meditation Training Course and Audio Course is the result of years of intense study under a variety of teachers and traditions.  As a workplace meditation trainer, motivational speaker and corporate wellness provider, Tom has been featured on national and local radio and other media. His claims are bold, but he thoroughly delivers on his claims.


Oceanic Mind - The Deeper Meditation Training Course by Tom Von Deck



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Audio Course Details:


Bitrate: 48kbps (audiobook quality)  

Samplerate: 20050HZ

Total Running Time: About 6 hr, 40 min

File Format: Zip file (131MB) containing 65 mp3s

Uncompressed size: 136MB (65 mp3 files)

Instant Download $49.95 USA

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Remember: You risk nothing.
In Oceanic Mind – The Deeper Meditation Training Course and the Deeper Meditation Audio Course, you will learn:

  • A complete and profound meditation strategy for beginners and advanced students of meditation, Qigong and yoga.
  • Personalized and foolproof meditation training strategies for busy people. There is always time to meditate.
  • Over 60 easy to learn exercises for “tuning” your mind, body and energy on all levels – muscles, energy, nature, intellect, imagination, emotions and breath – in preparation for deeper meditation. This includes techniques from the Chi Gong, Yoga, Wicca, Contemplative Christianity and other traditions.
  • How to integrate this fine tuned awareness into your daily activities.
  • Meditation training preliminaries for beginners such as standing postures, sitting postures, breathing techniques, sensory orientation exercises, and more.
  • How to create an intense meditative momentum that you will carry through each and every day no matter how busy you are.
  • The four primary relaxation techniques – The Taoist Inner Smile, Clench and Release, self massage and Stretch and Release.
  • How to turn the “little things in life” into powerful meditation exercises.
  • How to create a winning meditation warm up strategy for consistently deep meditation.
  • Pranayama (Yoga breathing) exercises such as beginning and advanced Ujjayi, Alternate Nostril Breathing, Kundalini Yoga’s Breath of Fire and other breathing styles such as Chi Kung diaphragmatic breathing, Theravada Buddhist breathing, Integrating Breath and more.
  • How to prevent Premature Kundalini Awakening Syndrome.
  • How to cure Premature Kundalini Awakening Syndrome
  • A little known secret for using Theta Brainwaves to drastically boost your abundance manifestion, creative visualization and  law of attraction practices to manifest abundance and prosperity, to heal others or to create the life you choose to live.
  • Chi Gathering Exercises
  • Condensing Breath
  • Circulating Chi in the body (Microcosmic Orbit, Qigong)
  • Self massage
  • Energy cultivation exercises
  • Hand sensitization exercises
  • Nature exercises to increase your connection with the elements
  • Techniques for limbering the spine and joints
  • Vipassana Meditation (Insight Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation)
  • Japa Mantra Meditation Training
  • Walking Meditation
  • Third Eye Meditations
  • Tips for more effective Kirtan and Devotional Chant Meditation (Bhakti Yoga)
  • Chakra Meditation
  • Inner Light and Sound Meditation
  • Prayer Meditation
  • Concept Meditation
  • Cathartic Meditation
  • Three styles of Compassion Meditation (Metta)
  • Om Meditation
  • Presence Meditation
  • Progressive Relaxation Meditation
  • Body Scan Meditation
  • Guided visualization meditations
  • Holistic Conflict Resolution
  • Jedi Training in psychic self defense
  • Grounding meditation into interpersonal relationships of all kinds.
  • Much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Author, Tom Von Deck, has been featured on national and local radio ranging from America Tonight with Emmy Award winning Kate Delaney to the Worst Radio Show Ever with hosts Boon and Wes.


For past radio appearances and archived shows, visit the Meditation Radio Page


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