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How do 3 US Dollars get you well over a thousand dollars worth of holistic products, solutions and services from more than 30 professionals?

It’s easy. You can either buy from a complete and total lunatic, or you can follow the instructions below. You’ll be doing both of these things in just a minute.

My name is Tom Von Deck, and I want to thank you for visiting this special page on this day of sweet deals. I am the author of the book:

Oceanic Mind
The Deeper Meditation Training Course

Available worldwide on Amazon and other sites

Now, this is the simplest thing in the world to do. All you have to do is:

  1. Buy the book in Kindle or paperback form from Amazon or any other site where it’s available. You can get it for $3.33 USD, $2.22 Pounds Sterling, etc, whether you have a Kindle device or not (Amazon has free reading apps for just about every gadget and computer and so does Kobo). You can also shell out $16.95 for a paperback and kick it old school just like Grampa used to do it. Be sure to do this today (Monday USA time).
  1. Email me at tom@deepermeditation.net with the Amazon or other order number in the subject line if you don’t buy direct from me. The order number is the one you get in your confirmation email after purchase.

It’s that simple. As soon as I receive your email, I will send you the link to where you can claim ALL YOUR FREE BONUSES!

But PLEASE REMEMBER! I can only guarantee that ALL the Bonuses listed below are available through 1st July 2013. That means you need to buy the book, send the order number to me by the end of Monday, July 1st (Pacific Standard Time USA) AND download the bonuses before Midnight to ensure that you get ALL THE BONUSES!!

[Buy KINDLE Version Now]       [Buy Paperback Now on Amazon]


[Buy Direct From US!]       [Buy Now on Kobo]

For Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.it and other international sites, just change the “.com” in the address field to “.co.uk” or whatever the proper extension is for your country. It will show the same book.

Let me tell you about ALL THE FREE BONUSES you will receive when you buy Oceanic Mind. They are listed below.

First, let’s review what you’ll learn in Oceanic Mind’s 198 print length pages:

*How to make meditation much easier so that it never becomes a struggle ever again.

*Choose and design THE best meditation practice for YOUR lifestyle so that you are compatible with every aspect of your practice. Save lots of time that you would otherwise spend shopping around for something that works.

*Learn to meditate from scratch if you haven’t already

*Develop a rock solid momentum of peace so that you have instant access to profound levels of bliss at any given moment

*Find your magic bullets so that meditation becomes easy on even the busiest of schedules. There is always time for peace, and it has never been so easy to make time for it (once you know the secrets at least).

*More than 60 meditation techniques and other exercises that are very thoroughly explained and easy to understand according to tons of satisfied readers

“I have been on my journey for many years but I have never encountered the clarity that your book has introduced me to. There were many aha moments. I studied Reiki, Theta healing, meditation and NLP. At no time could I capture the ability to almost instaneously go to a very deep level of mind. My life is more peaceful, more compassionate. Just lots of good things going on for me since I found your book online. Thank you.”

– Ellen from Warrensville Heights, Ohio


Free Bonus #1

Tom Von Deck’s Deeper Meditation Audio Course Plus the Best 36 Pages You’ll Ever Read

This is 6 hours and 40 minutes of Audio that will teach you how to take your meditation DEEPER! It’s an awesome complement to Oceanic Mind and a complete course in itself. Get all the exercises in the book in audio form.

On top of this, you’ll get my 36 page guide, How to Meditate Properly: A Meditation Guide for Beginners. You’ll learn step by step how to experiment with various meditation techniques and how to narrow it down so that you quickly and easily design the practice that works best for you as a unique individual. You’ll also learn more tips for making meditation so much easier.

“Hi Tom, your meditation audios are astonishing. Thank you. It’s the best media-based meditation course I have ever seen — and I’ve seen a lot of them. It’s simple, elegant, effective. Your explanation is honest and authoritative.”

– Andre Whittick Nasser, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil via Facebook

Value (audios): $49.95


Free Bonus #2

Doug Hanvey’s Mindful Diet Course

This is an 8 CD course with more than 9 hours of audio in digital download form. You will learn some of the finest evidence based weight management methods that are overlooked by most other programs. You will also take your mindfulness practice to a whole new level.

Value: $197.00


Free Bonus #3

Two Ebooks and a 31 Minute MP3 by Mystic John Culberton

These include the 162 page Psychic Self Defense and Protection ebook and two more resources that will help you eliminate stress and facilitate deep inner emotional healing and karmic cleansing.

Value: $44.94


Free Bonus #4

Marcus T. Anthony’s A More Attractive Law of Attraction Ebook

If you want to manifest the life of your dreams and you get turned off by all the materialism in Law of Attraction courses, you’ll find relief in this spiritually grounded 76 page program.

Value: $2.99


Free Bonus #5

Maureen Edwardson’s Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed Book

Self activate your whole being in resonance with your core essential self for rapid, effortless transformation of all aspects of your life. Also clear addictive patterns successfully. This is another work that will make your meditation easier and more effortless. 194 pages.

Value: $7.49 (Amazon list price)


Free Bonus #6

Learn How to Disbelieve Your Thoughts that Lead to Unwanted Emotions with Noah Elkrief

Get a 1 on 1 Skype session plus five steps to becoming emotionally bulletproof by disbelieving the thoughts that lead to lousy moods and negativity.

Value: $100.00


Free Bonus #7

Diane Mandle’s Tibetan Singing Bowl Training Video

Learn amazing sound healing techniques from the Tibetan Bowl School in Southern California.

Value: $12.00


Free Bonus #8

Dr. Lynne Zimmerman’s Meditation for Releasing Chronic Pain

80% of real physical pain is generated by “stuck” brain messages to the body’s cells. You can clear and reprogram these messages, and Dr. Z will guide you through this.

Value: $59.00


Free Bonus #9

Becca Chopra’s Balance and Tone Your Chakras Video

Chakra Diaries author Becca Chopra teams up with Hawaiian healer Serge Kahili King Ph.D. to show you how to relieve all the problems and pain associated with imbalanced chakras.

Value: $14.99


Free Bonus #10

Eileen Lichtenstein’s Moving Meditation Fitness CD

Peak performance coach Eileen helps you achieve maximum physical, emotional and spiritual health through guided relaxation breathing, movement, visualization/positive imagery and meditation.

Value: $8.99


Free Bonus #11

Eileen Lichtenstein’s Overcome Overwhelm Now Ebook

Explore strategies to reduce stress, release anger, and deal effectively with others.

Value: $8.99


Free Bonus #12

Dr. Scott Zarcinas’ 3 Steps to De-stress and Revitalize Your Life Ebook

Intensify your inner awareness of joy, security, peace and freedom and lower your long term stress levels.

Value: $149 as a 45 minute presentation


Free Bonus #13

Jennifer Giacoppo’s Guided Confidence Meditation

Right now you can receive a free guided meditation to “Allow more confidence into your life.” This meditation will assist you not only with relaxation, but it will remind you of your confidence.

Value: $10.00


Free Bonus #14

Shamanic Energy Coach Linda Ferguson’s 4 Videos for Creating Balance and Peace

Learn sound methods to facilitate profound inner peace with Linda Ferguson Ph.D. and also get a free wheel of life exercise.

Value: $39.95


Free Bonus #15

Cathleen O’Connor’s From Stress to Serenity CD (Download)

Metaphysician Cathleen O’Connor Ph.D. leads you in a series of guided imagery meditations designed to support you with specific options to use as moments of connection and centeredness during the work day.

Value: $18.00


Free Bonus #16

Psychotherapist Keri Nola’s Audio Course for Better Sleep

This audio download offers several simple yet powerful ways to create a sacred sleep space that can have you sleeping more soundly in no time!

Value: $19.95


Free Bonus #17

Hayhouse Author Susan Casey’s Belief Repatterning Course Plus Free Webinar

Trying to “stay positive” isn’t always enough to become positive. Learn some great tricks to “flip the switch” to positive thoughts.

Value: Beats Me. You Decide.


Free Bonus #18

Kelly Lydick’s Dream Incubation Ebook and Audio Program

Dream Incubation is a multi-step process that allows greater self-understanding and connection to the higher self. Dream Incubation can be used to goal set, connect to the higher self, increase creativity, ask for guidance, work through challenges that arise in daily life—just about anything you want!

Value: $10.00


Free Bonus #19

Michael Mapes’ Intuitive Development Course for Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

Psychic and success coach Michael Mapes leads you through practical, easy-to-implement intuitive development techniques that allow you to access your inner divine wisdom, discover your life’s purpose, and approach every situation in your life with the knowledge you need to be empowered.

Value: $47.00


Free Bonus #20

Michele Rosenthal’s 52 Ways to Transform Life After Trauma Ebook

PTSD survivor Michele Rosenthal shares a ton of resources in 37 pages for bulletproof living whether you’ve been touched by trauma or not.

Value: $2.99


Free Bonus #21

Belinda Farrell’s Sacred Huna Chants

Find Your Friggin’ Joy author Belinda Farrell shares Huna chants that we can use to align ourselves with our Higher Selves. She has used these techniques to successfully avoid paralysis and back surgery.

Value: A portion of $10.00 which is what the entire CD download costs


Free Bonus #22

Sharon Bridgforth’s Silk Mantras Ebook

A cancer and alcoholism survivor shares her 20 year story of healing and offers tools that she successfully applied to her own life.

Value: $5.00


Free Bonus #23

Atieno Bird’s Letting Love Find You Ebook

Life coach Atieno Bird shares insights on Loving the Life You Have and Letting Love Find You. Greatly increase the amount of love you allow into your life and reap the benefits.

Value: $2.99


Free Bonus #24

Victoria Pendragon’s My Three Years as a Tree Ebook

The author of Sleep Magic and creator of the Sacred Earth Seven Element Tarot invites you to a universe in which she completely recovered from the certain doom disease of Scleroderma. It’s a powerful memoir filled with metaphysical tools for healing.

Value: $12.00


Free Bonus #25

Linda White Dove’s Thinner Self Attunement

The author of Dancing Your Life is offering a spiritual transmission that can be likened to the experience of a Reiki attunement. The Thinner Self Attunement is a process for tuning into the part of you that can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. With consistent and proper use, it helps you become your thinner self in your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and habits.

Value: $135.00


Free Bonus #26

Rebecca A. Field’s Great Invocations and Great Prayers of the Trans-Himalayan Tradition Ebooks

You will rediscover one of the greatest prayers of all time and learn new prayers that will serve every aspect of your life.

Value: $74


Free Bonus #27

Hypnotist’s Marilyn Gordon’s Guided Meditations

We assist both clients and students to consciously transform their lives and create self-improvement in many areas such as habit control, achievement in any field, deep inner healing, spiritual growth, professional development, success and more.

Value: $15.00


Free Bonus #28

Candace L. Talmadge’s Creativity Flow Webinar

Candace from the Sattva Institute teaches an hour-long, hands-on tutorial to help you blast open the doors to your own creative flow. Experience your own creativity like never before and put this skill to unlimited practical use.

Value: $47.00


Free Bonus #29

Karl Grass’ Haiku Book for Growing Compassion

Compassion Haiku – Daily Insights and Practices for Developing Compassion for Yourself and for Others will combine the experiential impact of haiku with thoughtful commentary. Through this unique format the reader is encouraged to reflect on and experiment with practical ways to grow their own capacity for compassion.

Value: $5.99


Free Bonus #30

Acoustic Meditation Music by Jeff Gold

This guy is a one man band. Jeff performs the piano and guitar and other instruments you may hear. These are some truly beautiful ambient sounds.

Jeff worked as a television editor for The Office, Mad TV, Baywatch and other shows and now he’s cranking out some incredible tunes for us.

Value: You can figure that out for yourself


Free Bonus #31

Kimberly Kingsley’s Detox Lifestyle Diet Ebook

Author of the books, Portals of Peace and The Energy Cure, Kimberly offers a weight management plan that feeds the spirit and helps ensure long term success. She used this method after failing miserably with traditional dieting.

Value: $2.99


Free Bonus #32

Happiness Coach Elizabeth Manuel’s 21 Days and 21 Ways to Enhance Your Energy Fast, Fun and Easy Program

Sleep better, Look and feel wonderful, Experience more tranquility, Magnify your positive energy, Increase your confidence.

Value: Probably quite high


Free Bonus #33

Jackie Lapin’s Practical Conscious Creation Free Chapter

Learning How to Apply Law of Attraction/Conscious Creation Principles on a DAILY Basis!

Grab this Free “Wealth and Prosperity” Chapter from the Hottest New Book of the Year!

Value: The whole book is $9.99 on Kindle


Free Bonus #34

Ewa Danuta Bialek’s Strengthening of Bonds Ebook

This lifelong scientist in the field of medicine draws from the wisdom of her inner child to empower you to release your own traumas and take control over your destiny and health.

Value: $2.99, but that’s just a guess


Free Bonus #35

Valerie Love’s Wealthy Lightworker Audio Classes

Soulgasm author Valerie Love offers free abundance classes. Wealth and abundance become easier to manifest once you discover secrets to manifestation. The Wealthy Lightworker Tele-class Series is designed to take you step-by-step, into awareness of why you may be broke, and how to break old patterns of lack and limitation to burst into a new paradigm of ABUNDANT PROSPERITY.

To Get Each And Every One Of These Bonuses, Simply Click Your Purchasing Option

Value: $100.00


Free Bonus #36

Discount on Relaxing Into Meditation by Ngakma Nor’dzin

What exercises and practices will help us to live a life free of stress? Ngakma Nor’dzin, a Western Buddhist Lama, guides us through relaxation and breathing exercises that lead into meditation.

Value: $3.25


[Buy KINDLE Version Now]       [Buy Paperback Now on Amazon]

[Buy Direct From US!] (Supply is more limited via this option)

If you want to learn more about the book before buying, read the description here.

If you use Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.es, etc, just change the “.com” to “.it”, “.co.uk”, etc. You’ll get the same book available in your country.


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