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Is meditation really easy? Follow these highly effective meditation tips for beginners and advanced students to create a powerful momentum toward lasting peace.


People say that they don’t have time to meditate or that they lack the self discipline required for effective meditation. Such people have not yet developed their most compatible strategies for easy and natural meditation. The following meditation tips will allow meditation to become a very easy  process regardless of your time schedule, perceived lack of self discipline, religious background and lifestyle.


As for the meditation portion of a given practice, the main thing that differs, other than language and cultural symbols, is the object of focus. Objects of focus can be summarized as follows:


Breath Focus

Energy Focus (or inner light and sound, feeling, etc)

Concept Focus (concept of infinity, love, God, spaciousness, etc)

Body Sensation Focus (includes movement meditations)

Mantra, Song or Prayer Focus


In other words, the object of focus can be anything you want. Usually, it’s either something repetitive or unchanging.


This is the meditation technique itself. You are falling in love with the object of focus and becoming increasingly more absorbed in it. When the mind wanders, the thoughts are given room to exist. You are the sky. They are the clouds. Then, the mind is gently brought back to the point of focus.


A lot of effective meditation and Yoga techniques contain other components besides the meditation. Your most effective meditation technique contains the object of focus that allows you the most meditative absorption. It also contains some other components. The components are the warm up strategy, the integration strategy and “projection of energy” in the form of prayer or healing work. These components help to create a momentum toward easy and effective meditation and peace of mind. Ideally, you want to develop these components using techniques that you are compatible with.


A solid warm up strategy consists of “tuning” the physical and mental energies, on increasingly subtle levels, in preparation for deep meditation. The progression is from gross (physical exercises such as Hatha Yoga or body wiping, self massage, etc.) to subtle (slow movement and energy based exercises) to even more subtle (visualization, pranayama) with the intent of gradually moving toward the total stillness beyond energy and form – bliss and spaciousness – which is represented by the meditation technique itself.


Meditation becomes easy and effective when you put these meditation tips into practice. This is because you are mimicking the movement of form into spirit, sound into silence, matter and energy into space.


A solid integration strategy involves “interweaves” throughout the day. Every little thing that you do to raise consciousness helps to create a tremendous momentum toward natural and effective meditation. You may not even realize that this is happening because 90% of it is below the surface of consciousness.


Perhaps you have a favorite song that takes you to a special place within. Hit the bathroom at work and use it or do it at a traffic light. Yoga breathing exercises work well for this, as do mantras, self massage, head rolls, serene memories, forgiveness work and anything which brings little “openings and expansions” in consciousness.


By the end of the day you will find that the path to natural and easy meditation is much clearer. It will not require as much time to enter a state of deep and easy meditation if you have a proper integration strategy. These meditation tips are great for people who have a lot of time on their hands as well as those who are super busy and think that they don’t have time to meditate.


Another thing that makes meditation easier is consistency. When you perform your formal meditation practice at the same time(s) each day, this creates a habit which creates a momentum allows meditaton to become an easy process over time.


Candles can also go a long way toward natural and easy meditation. Aromatherapy candles are great for this.


One of the most common meditation tips is to make sure you wait a while after a meal before your regular meditation routine. If you are not spending all your energy digesting food during your formal routine, then the energy you are not using contributes to a state of effective meditation.


I hope these meditation tips make meditation more effective for you.


Everyone has their unique route to super effective meditation. You just need the proper object of focus that you are most compatible with along with the strategies and tools that you are most compatible with. This is true even for busy people and those who think they lack self discipline. If you put all these meditation tips into practice in your daily life then, guaranteed, time and self discipline cease to be obstacles to effective meditation.


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