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Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation, also known as Vipassana Meditation and Insight Meditation


Qigong’s Inner Smile meditation


The Inner Fire


Body Scan guided audio Meditation




A profound technique to induce a theta brainwave state which greatly enhances your visualization and law of attraction techniques. Theta brainwaves also allow you to tap into levels of intuition you never knew existed.


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 3.   Another report containing powerful techniques for enhancing the Law of Attraction.


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“I have been on my journey for many years but I have never encountered the clarity that your book has introduced me to. There were many aha moments. I studied Reiki, Theta healing and NLP. At no time could I capture the ability to almost instaneously go to a very deep level of mind. My life is more peaceful, more compassionate. Just lots of good things going on for me since I found your book online. Thank you.”


– Ellen from Warrensville Heights, Ohio


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