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Meditation before sleep allows you to sleep more deeply and awaken more refreshed, calm and alert. Here are some simple guided meditations you can try before you sleep. You can also perform these guided meditations in almost any situation.


The Inner Smile is one of the more simple and portable meditations out there. The Inner Smile deepens self compassion and lets you let go of grudges. When you let go of grudges and go to sleep with a smile, sleep becomes easier. Therefore, it is  great as a meditation before sleep.


We spend a lot of time waiting at traffic lights, waiting to make purchases, etc. The Inner Smile can easily be slipped into your day without hassle. It will help you to catalyze a profound momentum of peace and bliss. Then, it becomes easier to let go of tension in any given moment.


The Inner Smile can be used as a warm up to prepare the mind and body for meditation, or it can be a meditation technique itself. Click on the video below.


Mindfulness Meditation is another technique that can prove to be very effective before sleep. Meditation always has an object of focus, which can be almost anything. In mindfulness meditations, the object of focus is the breath.


There is a mindfulness meditation video below which walks you through the whole process in under 10 minutes.


To begin, sit in a comfortable posture, “plant” your tailbone into your chair and let your hands rest on your lap. Allow your vertebrae to “stack” one on top of the other, starting with your tailbone, all the way to the top. Your chin will naturally want to tuck itself in slightly toward your neck. Your eyes can be closed or partially open.


In his programs, Tom Von Deck’s guided meditations include both secular and non-secular meditation techniques from many traditions.  


Aside from guided meditations, Tom also teaches meditation strategy training which makes meditation a much easier and more customized process for super busy people and people of all backgrounds, religions and lifestyles.


With the proper customized meditation strategy, a perceived lack of time and a perceived lack of self discipline cease to be issues as you work  ENJOYABLE activities into your schedule instead of adding more things to your schedule. You create a powerful momentum toward consistent peace, wellness and bliss in daily life.


“I recommend that everyone check out (Tom’s) web site and his program for improvement. One of the best I have seen.” 

– Michael Jon Kell, MD PhD 


Aside from corporate seminars (which you probably are not looking for in your current internet travels), Tom offer a 200 page book and a 400 minute audio course.


The book is called Oceanic Mind – The Deeper Meditation Training Course. You’ll discover lots of mind-body training exercises, guided meditations and and a gazillion ideas for developing your unique and optimum stress management strategy. Oceanic Mind is on Amazon and available for order in any bookstore. Details below.

Get the first 100 pages free PLUS free guided meditation MP3’s PLUS monthly email instruction that will take your practice to a whole new level.

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“I’ve read this book, and it is the most comprehensive and easy to understand meditative resource I’ve ever found.  Thanks Tom for your excellent work.” 

 -Todd Schaefer, Author of The Acceptance Guidebook


The Deeper Meditation Audio Course is a more secular course designed for diverse workplaces. It also features more than 60 guided meditations and other exercises plus lots of meditation strategy training. The book and audio course are each complete courses in themselves and are complementary with each other. Guaranteed, between the two, you will find your most compatible ways to meditate before sleep and at any other time of the day.


Order the Audio Course and get a free copy of Oceanic Mind shipped to you free anywhere in the world.


Your privacy is guaranteed, and so is your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, return the book within 30 days for a full refund. and keep the audio course as a gift.


$49.95 USA

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