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Foolproof and versatile workplace meditation seminars, audio and book programs for reducing stress and tension at work through meditation. Designed for unique and busy individuals like you.

“I recommend that everyone check out Tom’s web site and his program for improvement. One of the best I have seen.” – Michael Jon Kell, MD PhD

We are finally in the times when companies are realizing the bottom-line value of a healthy workforce. Most Fortune 500 companies have some sort of corporate wellness program in place.


Businesses are not only discovering the power of exercise, nutrition and diet in corporate wellness. Programs for reducing stress and tension at work are becoming mandatory.
Companies such as Google have implemented workplace meditation programs for reducing stress.


People and companies try all kinds of methods for reducing tension, including workplace meditation. The curricula for such stress reducing programs include coping with stress and simple meditation techniques.


The key to reducing tension at work involves much more than providing employees with a few meditation and relaxation techniques plus a few tips for coping with stress. The average meditation practice lasts probably three months or so. To be successful, your program for reducing stress must be compatible with your unique disposition, lifestyle and background. Such a program must offer you tools for finding your optimum strategy for reducing stress and tension in daily life. If you are a busy person, you need the proper strategies for integrating meditation into a busy schedule. Only then will you find the time and the self discipline to effectively reduce stess and tension at work and at home. The act of reducing stress does not need to be a chore.


The 400 minute long Deeper Meditation Audio Course features 60+ meditation techniques and mind-body training exercises plus tips and strategies for making meditation a much much easier and more customized process for unique individuals of all faiths and time schedules.

“I’ve heard good things about Tom because I did a little bit of an investigation earlier in the day. He comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.” – America Tonight host Kate Delaney (emphasis hers)

If you want high participation and success rates in a workplace meditation or stress reduction program, then you must make sure that the curriculum is as versatile as possible. This is what Tom Von Deck offers in his onsite seminars and his Workplace Meditation Package. Through audio training, video training, book training and onsite training, employees discover their most compatible program for reducing stress based on what they love doing already!

The workplace meditation trainings fit into your schedule at your place of business or conference hall. You have your choice of half day, quarter day or a one hour seminar during lunch, before work or after work. A series of 3-6 one hour seminars is also available. Meditation is a natural process for everyone as long as they have the proper strategies that are foolproof and personalized. The complete workplace meditation audio and book package is available for very low rates. Use the contact information below.

“The most comprehensive and easy to understand meditative resource I’ve ever found.  Thanks Tom for your excellent work.” 

 -Todd Schaefer, Author of The Acceptance Guidebook



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