5 Tips for Reducing Stress in Your Life by Shifting Beliefs

By Barbara Joye, The Shift Guru


The vast majority of stress in our lives is a result of the beliefs we hold. When the beliefs we hold are not in alignment with societal norms or with our own ‘knowing’, stress is created. There are a few tips to assist us all in understanding when the beliefs we hold are creating stress in our lives.


The beliefs I am speaking to are not those beliefs you know you hold. Rather, I am speaking to those beliefs that you have incorporated into your processing, most likely from an early age. They are the beliefs that are simply with you, in your unconscious, running your life. These beliefs I am speaking about and for which the tips are most valuable.


To better understand the tips I am about to share, it is important to understand the Belief Continuum. This Belief Continuum occurs for all beliefs whether you are aware of the belief or not.


The Belief Continuum principle simply states that a Belief is held in your unconscious or subconscious. The Belief causes you to hold certain Positions in your life. These may look like physical positions such as a certain stance when a particular topic is discussed, or simply a position you hold on a topic or a way of being in the world. Political groups and other societal groups are formed around beliefs. These groups have an agreement at some level in a belief or a set of beliefs. Positions cause you to have certain Mentalities around a subject, a group or an area of life. Mentalities are those things you say aloud or think about when a subject, a group or an area of life is brought up. Mentalities are your friend in that they provide you with the greatest awareness of your Belief or Beliefs. Finally, your Mentalities and the Beliefs which create your Positions in life create Outcomes…they create your life. The reason Outcomes are not the best indicator of a Belief is that very different Beliefs can result in the same Outcome.


Utilizing this Belief Continuum, let us now turn to identifying those areas of your life that are causing you to create and feel stress. And remember, the Mentalities are your best indicator of what is causing you to feel stress in your life. As such, they are also the place to begin to release stress.


5 Tips for Reducing Stress in Your Life


Tip 1: Reduce the ‘Shoulds’ in Your Life!


If you hear yourself say or think “I should”, then you just created stress in your life!


Using the ‘should’ word is a definite indicator that you have a belief that is in conflict with another belief in your life. ‘Should’ is an indicator of beliefs or societal norms being out of alignment with your reality.


When you hear yourself say (thinking or aloud) the ‘should’ word, reassess your situation. See if you can identify a way to either not take the action you feel you ‘should’ take or shift the action to something that is in alignment with what you believe most appropriate. This process may create a bit of short term stress and will significantly reduce a great deal of long term stress. A ‘should’ statement and the resulting action from that Mentality results in stress, not only in the doing of the ‘should’. It also creates more ‘shoulds’ in the future.


Tip 2: Shift from Judgment to Possibility.


If you realize you are judging yourself, shift from judgment thinking to possibility thinking.


Another significant stressor in your life is when you judge that you are not doing what you believe others would do. This is judgment of self and of actions. If you are feeling judgment, then the action to be taken is not in alignment with your beliefs of yourself, your world, or the current situation at hand. The belief may well be one of ‘not being enough’. There is a lot of that belief in our current societal norm. When you judge yourself based upon another’s actions or intentions, you are reducing your own value and are thus creating both internal and external stress.


When you see someone else doing something you did not perceive to do or are not drawn to do, shift from judging yourself to considering the action or thinking as possibilities you might consider for your own future. When you allow yourself to consider the possibilities instead of making yourself ‘wrong’, then you open up an amazing process and significantly reduce your stress in life.


Tip 3: Support with Encouragement rather than Action.


Do not let yourself be drawn in to other individuals’ objectives and plans in such a way that it requires you to take action. Their plans are not your action points.


It is not uncommon for each of us to be caught up in other people’s energy and ideas. This is appropriate for supporting others. Their ideas and concepts allow for other individuals to grow, advance and bring new ideas and thinking into the world.


The challenge is that our society does not differentiate between supporting an individual energetically and supporting an individual physically. Begin to support individuals energetically rather than physically. Support their ideas and energy without committing your own physical time and energy. Understand that your energy and encouragement is often the most powerful support you can give.


Support others’ energy through encouragement. Support your own objectives and plans with your energy and with encouragement from others.


Tip 4: Trust Your Own Instincts.


One of the greatest stressors in life is that you do not trust your own instincts and awareness. When you do not trust yourself (and you know just how often you do not trust yourself), you create a great deal of stress in your life. When you do not trust your own knowing, your own instincts, you often create more work, actions and stress.


Begin to trust your own instincts. Begin to assert yourself and your instincts. Begin to live without the need to try to align yourself to someone else’s instincts when they are not in alignment with your own. Any misalignment with your own instincts creates stress.


Trust your instincts and follow your ‘gut’.


Tip 5: If it is not Fun, Shift the Process.


If it is not fun, it is creating stress. By fun, I am not speaking about relaxation and laughter and joy. I am speaking about the feeling that comes when you know you are doing something valuable and when the action actually feels good.


If it does not feel good, then shift the process, shift the doing, shift the commitment and shift your awareness of what is intended to be created. All of this shifting can be done in a moment. All of this shifting can be easy and without stress. Do not add stress to the shifting.


Simply shift to that which will cause it to be fun…to feel good…to be completed with a smile of satisfaction.


If you are able to follow these five simple ‘shift tips’, you will find that you have reduced the stress in your life significantly. Your energy level will return, the stress on your body will reduce significantly and you will enjoy your own company much more.

Barbara Joye is a speaker, author and Belief Shift Life Coach. She is affectionately known as The Shift Guru as she assists her clients and audiences in shifting their beliefs about themselves and their life events to create a more empowering view of their world. Her work has lead her to her own Angelic Connection. She has co-authored the books The Creating Formula and The Light Won. Both are available on this website. Barbara supports clients in person in Denver, colorado and over the phone. If you are interested in shifting some self-sabotaging beliefs, contact her at




Listen to her ‘belief shift’ podcasts on www.EnergyoftheSpirit.com


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