Balance Your Life: Stay Focused on Stress Reduction


Dr. Paul Scheatzle, Rehabilitation Physician and author of The Journey: Take the Path to Health and Fitness.



Balance your life to achieve stress reduction. Look inward to see what physical, psychological or spiritual components of your being have gone astray. In a broad sense, balance contributes to all aspects of your quality of life. Focus on that which keeps you balanced. Maintain your sites on your goals and values and continue to rebalance your life to keep yourself moving in the right direction. Balance all these areas and achieve optimal health and well-being.



Physical balance arises from the ability to move or produce force symmetrically. Consistent, lifelong exercise is what is needed to achieve these lifelong benefits. Stay focused on your goal of good physical health. When you inevitably stray, make the necessary re-adjustments and get yourself back on course. If you find yourself becoming weak or deconditioned, do what it takes to elevate your physical performance back to where it needs to be. To effectively do this, you must consistently balance many different strength and endurance activities.



Continue to exercise throughout life to prevent the detrimental effects of being in poor physical condition. Make a lifelong commitment and stay the course. Although you may not have lost focus, poor physical condition may prevent you from moving in the direction that you want to go. All the will in the world may not be enough if your body is not willing. Unfortunately, you will lose conditioning much faster than you gain it, so be vigilant about getting on track.



Take yourself to the next higher level and do what it takes to break through. Don’t be satisfied with adequate. Once a high level of performance has been achieved, moving to the next level is a difficult step, but it is worth it. Focus, meditate and be open to whatever is needed. Love what you do and follow your passion.



Modify your actions and seek continuous quality improvement to achieve above and beyond your expected physical capacities. Focus on specific talents, overachieve and use this to gain an edge. Honestly assess your strengths and weaknesses. These may be cognitive, physical, spiritual or emotional. Above all else, love what you’re doing.



In life, we all need to look for the “one thing”. Once you find it, focus upon it. It is what inspires you and gives you purpose. When it comes to exercise, the one thing may be the simplest action that enables you to stick with your routine and continue your program. You’ll know it when you find it.



Ultimately, you cannot save or even manage time. All you can do is spend your time. Focus on what gives your life meaning and spend your time wisely. Manage your daily activities and accomplish tasks in a healthy, mindful way.



Take the time to look inward, breathe and re-focus when needed. Stay the course and be happy. Reframe your stresses as small challenges to be a better you.



Choices we make in life are based on our cumulative knowledge and experiences up until that point. Frame your life experiences, both negative and positive in a way that allows you to continue to grow. Don’t let negative experiences lock you in the rut of negative thinking. Use your strength and will to steer out of the rut. Re-focus when needed and stay true to yourself.


Dr. Paul T. Scheatzle is a Physician with a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation practice in Massillon, Ohio. He is also the author of The Journey: Take the Path to Health and Fitness. You can find the book at, and through Amazon. Below is Dr. Scheatzle’s contact info and links to his website and Amazon author page.



Dr Paul t. Scheatzle

Bailey Rehabilitation

3300 Bailey St NW

Massillon, Ohio 44646



Dr. Paul Scheatzle’s Amazon Author Page


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