The Benefits of Treadmills and Treadclimbers for Reducing Stress


Anna Moore, runner and editor of



In this era of haste we’re living in, there’s an emergency of just letting go once in a while. It sounds like a really hard thing to do when your business plans don’t seem to go as you wish, you barely get to see your friends and you get struck by a terrible headache every day. If only the day was 48 hours long…



Exercise comes like a true rescue to reducing, if not eliminating, unwanted stress. We will focus on two top workout machines that have certified positive effects on the stress of life: The treadmill and the treadclimber.



But first, how does this actually work, exercise eliminating stress? It’s all in the neurochemicals of the brain. Dopamine, serotonin and endorphins are activated during exercise. This provides the user with a feeling of satiety, comfort, a good sleeping routine and biological painkillers. A positive attitude resides in a combination of all three, a combination that is at its highest during physical exercises.



Treadmills and treadclimbers are runners’ most wanted workout machines. It figures because they recreate perfect running environments, so it’s a good alternative to bad weather or other inconveniences.



The range of workouts differs from one treadmill category to another, but the number of workouts is not that relevant when talking about removing stress. What is important is to focus on your exact need in that exact moment of your life. Looking to lose the extra pounds? Treadmills offer great weight loss workouts, due to the adjustable incline and speed. As incline and speed rise, extra weight disappears.



Maybe you want to work out those muscles and build up some lean meat. Once again your treadmill will come in handy, giving you the intensity you need to get to your goal. Or maybe you’re just training for the marathon of the year. Commercial grade treadmills will give you an even bigger workout than you can take, ensuring your success. The key is to set a goal and keep a consistent rhythm to reach it. Your daily workout routine and moreover, the results you’ll be able to see with every training, increase all these crucial substances mentioned earlier.



The algorithm is quite simple: You set a goal, you invest ambition and devotion and you reach it. Add the biological positive consequences of the simple act of working out and there you have it, a guaranteed recipe to a stress-free life.



It’s the same with treadclimbers, only these machines are best suited for walkers and light joggers. One of the most important assets of this type of machine is the ability to help you lose weight rapidly and efficiently. As you can conclude, if you’re focused on losing weight, the treadclimber will help you run this job successfully. Also, you may want to increase energy levels or strengthen your most important muscles.



Maybe you’ve been longing for a good night’s sleep, a good laugh or more creativity. These things don’t come with stress. They come with a good attitude, and a good attitude is what you get during and after working out on the treadclimber.



It’s not necessary to kill the motor with high intensity workouts. Average speed and incline are more than enough for removing this tremendous villain called stress.



It’s simple how things go. You pull the trigger of your body – brain substances – with help from the invincible treadmill or treadclimber, and your body does the rest. It’s important to draw in “ambition” because it’s been scientifically proven that when people are focused, they get more enthused, more eager and therefore happier.



Having in your reach machines like treadmills or treadclimbers is a major asset. They represent the fastest antidote to a stressful day.



Anna Moore is a runner and editor at, a site about cardio equipment reviews. If you want to find out more about treadclimbers, click here: Bowflex Treadclimbers.



Share your thoughts and experiences about the benefits of treadmills, treadclimbers and other cardio equipment in the comment form below.

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