Grounding the Human Energy Body


Shannon O’Flaherty, healing arts teacher, motivational speaker, shamanic trip guide and author, shares about grounding and replenishing the human energy body to banish stress



Our heart rate is faster. We are quick to snap. Diplomacy has gone out the window and our shoulders hurt under furrowed brows. Stress is a compact one syllable word that hosts a plethora of different reasons why we suffer.



We have a habitual behavioral response which can come from a physical cause but more often than not stems from an emotional root. Because we are creatures of habit, we have become excellent at the way we respond to certain stimuli. This response mechanism creates a neural pathway in your brain. Why our behaviour becomes habitual is because the neural pathway is locked into a receptor.



Through the use of dialogue and muscle testing, it is good to search for the root cause. Then we can change that belief by breaking the receptor lock so you have the best chance of creating a new pathway that is embedded with the positive command. That is Theta Healing, one form of therapy that is helpful in finding relief not just for stress but for anything you want to change in your life.



If your stress is coming from pollution or too much radiation from a telephone mast or something else disrupting the energy around you, then you need to get earthed. Ideally you should leave the area, breathe fresh air, lay on the ground and feel the pulse of the earth realign your soul with nature. People who live in the city do not realise how much their bodies are starving for nature. If you really cannot get away, find your nearest park and make that work for you. Take hot salt baths regularly as the salt pulls out toxic energy. Rinse the salt residue off of you and out of the tub.



Meditation is a brilliant way to be transported in your own mind to join Alice in Wonderland or wherever you personally want to go. There are many wonderful guided meditations: Uplifting, inspirational, calming or whatever you need. Download them on your iPod and listen to them on the way to work and while you’re working out.



Did I mention the importance of exercise? I like to combine communing with nature and exercise by hiking up the moor with my best girlfriend a few times per week. It is important to do something active that you enjoy at least three times per week. I like Bikram yoga because it combines exercise with meditation and, because of the intense heat, detoxing. You will sweat out whatever you drank the night before.



If you are having relationship stress, by all means get together on a trampoline encased in a net and jump. You will be in hysterical fits of giggles in minutes.



Bodywork is extremely important in helping people process emotions. Our emotional trauma gets stuck in our cells. Deep bodywork releases these memories while simultaneously changing the body’s alignment. If you don’t want to receive bodywork, get a plastic bat and beat the hell out of a pillow while screaming out all of your anger or frustration until you are absolutely exhausted. Obviously you want to have some privacy to do this.



It’s okay to feel what we feel and in this age of spiritual enlightenment we are always trying to rise above these lower feelings. But really, we need to honour and then expel them. If we create safe boundaries for ourselves in which to explore our shadow parts and release them, then we will not crack and lose our cool over something trivial.



Shamanic energy medicine is another form of energy work and it can have astonishing permanent results in a relatively short period of time. If everyone would actively keep their energy field clean and in balance, there would be a lot less stress. Regular fire ceremonies, which are about letting go and creating space for new energy to come in, and other shamanic rituals are great for maintaining a healthy energy body.



We are body mind and spirit. In order for us to be free from stress all three parts must be in alignment with each other.


Shannon O’Flaherty, a native New Yorker, found her true calling in Shamanism after studying Transactional Analysis (T.A.) Developmental T.A., Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Psychology and Psychic Development. She took the leap of faith from corporate training into becoming a full time healer and teacher of Theta healing and Shamanic Energy Medicine in 2004. She has written her first book which should be published in early 2012. Shannon takes small groups on shamanic based life-changing trips to Peru annually and supports local charities there. She sees clients one to one and gives talks and demos about her work regularly. Shannon is available for inspirational presentations about changing your thoughts, words and actions to live the life you dream! Shannon’s website and blog are below.


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