Office Stress Relief: 10 Tips


Lloyd Burrell, office design consultant and office furniture reviewer



Office stress, and stress of any kind for that matter, is unpleasant to live with and can be a major cause of illness.



You might be prone to stress because you are just prone to stress. It’s part of your physical make-up. Or you might have an overbearing boss or a personality conflict issue with your colleagues. Whatever the reason, no matter how good you are at your job, stress can be a big productivity killer.



Add in to the mix the state of the economy and worry over being laid off or downsized, and it can lead to a stress overload which can even lead you taking sick leave. Offices can be a veritable hotbed for germs and stress and even lead to some disorders.



Meditation can be agreat stress buster. Office meditation techniques are surprisingly easy to apply and can produce outstanding results. However, there are lots of other things that you can do to help relieve office stress, such as:



1. Plan. Plan your day out and try to stick to the plan as closely as you can. You can also plan for the next day at the end of the last one if there’s time. Try not to plan your day from your home if you have an out of the home office. You can get to work a bit early and formulate it then while it’s still quiet.



2. Know when to stop. Try and limit yourself to eight solid hours of work, then stop. Everyone must get unplugged from their work and then rejuvenate. If you keep on running, you’ll run out of both oomph and time. That will make you even more stressed. Use personal and family time to refresh yourself. Go to a play or read a book or hold an actual conversation with your spouse or kids.



3. One thing at a time. At work, do one task at a time and give it 100% of your attention. Multitasking can be the one biggest contributor to stress at the office. There is satisfaction in completing something, then crossing it off your mental “to do” list.



4. Make a to do list. Produce an actual physical to do list and then cross off items as you finish them. This is a solid way to get rid of those niggling left over tasks and the worrisome and just plain boring chores at the office. Take a time management course if you need help. You can also actually write something in your computer task list instead of merely changing the background color.



5. Take breaks. Work intensely for a while then take a little break. Grab a few breaths of fresh air or a cool drink of water or juice. Have a chat with someone. Do not talk about business. Don’t go near the computer. Rest your eyes, instead, on some spring flowers growing outside.



6. Take your mind off things. Try and look at personal pictures or inspirational art during the day. If classical music takes your mind off things, then listen to that. Mozart will always be better than Wagner for relaxation.



7. Move. If there is access to a gym or outdoor volleyball or soccer court, then play a few nets, kick a couple of balls, or do some light workouts. Movement is a great stress reliever. If you break into a sweat, then leave off it.



8. Get nutrition. Solid nutrition breaks are important. Eat yoghurt or a piece of cheese and drink a bottle of water — not a soda. Keep your energy up by eating good calories, not bad ones.



9. Laugh throughout the day. Laugh out loud, but so only you can hear it. This helps with breathing and your state of mind as well.



10. Access the power of memories. Remember back to a lovely vacation or experience you had and how you felt so relaxed. This is a real stress buster and it doesn’t cost a thing, only a pleasant memory or two!



Don’t try and accomplish everything all at once or you’ll only add to the stress! Take a deep breath before you start off, apply these tips carefully, and you will soon unload that burden of office stress.



Office stress, especially on a long term basis, can cause numerous emotional and physical issues. Don’t neglect the fact that your work environment could be causing issues at home or with others. Take the time to evaluate your office environment to see if you’ve overlooked just how much stress you may be experiencing. Then do something about it now!


Lloyd Burrell worked formerly as an auditor in the City Of London, a pretty stressful job. He now enjoys blogging and writing articles on the office theme. Lloyd writes detailed reviews on office desk furniture of all shapes and sizes, everything from the traditional executive desk to the more modest small corner computer desk. He was born in the UK but now lives on the West Coast of France which he finds much less stressful.


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