“I recommend that everyone check out (Tom’s) web site and his program for improvement. One of the best I have seen.”
– Michael Jon Kell, MD PhD, host of Mind Brain Body on VoiceAmerica


“I am emailing you to recommend Tom as a speaker… I was impressed by his knowledge and presentation…”
– Bernie Siegel MD, multiple bestselling health author

Description and scheduling structure:

The American Institute of Stress claims that U.S. companies pay more than $300 billion per year as a result of employee stress. This comes out to thousands of dollars per employee. That is quite a price tag.

As more companies realize the effects of workplace stress on bottom lines, workplace stress management programs are becoming more popular. Some companies have onsite Yoga and meditation programs as employee benefits because of their proven benefits.Companies with meditation-based stress management programs include Google, Dunkin’ Brands, IBM and many many others.

There is one thing to keep in mind when choosing a workplace stress management training program for your company. In order to bring about a high success rate, customization and meditation strategy training must be offered. Some meditation programs offer two or three techniques to increase the success rate to a slight degree, but this is not necessarily sufficient. 

The top three reasons why the average person does not implement a lasting stress management or meditation program are lack of time, lack of self discipline, and a perceived lack of know-how. Another reason that is not mentioned much is that not everyone has learned how to implement a meditation program that he/she is most compatible with.
We at Monkey Wisdom have solved all these problems by offering a blueprint for customization. Your employees will learn meditation techniques, yes. They will learn a few techniques for a variety of temperaments and learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc). However, the employees will also learn foolproof stress management strategies, which they can customize themselves, which bring a powerful momentum of meditative peace into their daily lives. With the proper stress reduction strategies, meditation becomes a whole lot easier. Employees with busy schedules can easily learn these methods so that there is always time for peace and stress relief.

When you learn a particular tradition, you get only the strategies which come from the “package” that comes with that meditation tradition. With customization, you are compatible with every aspect of your practice. You can integrate your home made organic “package” into your unique lifestyle, religious background and time schedule.

The success rates are much higher with the proper corporate stress management programs in the workplace. Tom Von Deck’s meditation and workplace stress programs teach the practitioner to work meditation and solid stress strategies into any schedule.
Self discipline will cease to be an issue. There are two reasons for this. One is that the employee will be compatible with every aspect of his/her program. The other reason is that once you work meditation into your schedule instead of adding it to your schedule, you will create a powerful momentum of peace in your daily life. In the workplace, this means a much higher return on investment for your company and less stress in the workplace.

In our workplace stress management seminars, we also offer interpersonal stress management training. This is a training that applies the principles of meditation to interpersonal relationships of all kinds so that interpersonal tension becomes a less prominent force in the workplace culture. 
One more thing: These days, workplace wellness program success is measured by employee absenteeism and health care costs. This is only a drop in the bucket. When an employee is calm, centered and grounded, they become more creative, productive and intuitive. Not only are they more calm, they are also “driven” and “energized” in a very balanced way. Great ideas come from such a state of mind. That employee just might come up with the winning idea that will make your whole year as a company. A calm mind also contributes to a calm environment. Calm environments are more creative, productive and morale boosting.
We offer flexible scheduling – half day, quarter day, a one hour lunch and learn and a series of one hour meditation and stress seminars.


Meditation and workplace stress programs with Tom Von Deck include:


Half day seminar: This is the complete 3-3.5 hour hands-on stress management seminar for beginners and advanced students. Employees will learn a variety of meditation techniques for different temperaments and cognitive processing styles (audio, visual, kenesthetic). Each technique has a different object of focus.Employees will also learn how to develop a personalized stress management training program that can be worked into any time schedule and lifestyle. We will perform a variety of physical, mental and emotional warm ups and breathing techniques to calm the chatter of the mind in preparation for meditation.In the workplace/family dynamics segment, employees will learn how to apply the principles of meditation to interpersonal relationships of all kinds. Contraindications for various health conditions will be thoroughly explained. Employees will receive a free mp3 download of the 400 minute long Deeper Meditation Audio Course.

Learn to meditate series: The employees can learn the entire program in a series of 2-6 one hour meditation workshops. These can be before or after work hours or during lunch. Employees will learn everything mentioned in the half day seminar. Employees will receive the audio course for home study. 

Quarter day seminar: This two hour training is similar to the half day seminar, but less elaborate. Employees will also receive the audio course download. 

Lunch and Learn Seminar: The one hour Lunch and Learn Seminar is a one hour workplace stress program for your company. Employees will learn the basics of meditation and some tips for making meditation a much easier and more customized process. 

Book and Audio program: The Deeper Meditation Audio Course is available as a 400 minute mp3 download and as a 6 CD set. The corporate wellness edition of The Deeper Meditation Training Course (book) is also available for employees. These courses are great as employee incentive programs, employee appreciation gifts and employee benefits. Employees can now enjoy replayable corporate stress management programs at home.

Prices for all stress seminars and programs vary according to the structure of the program. 


“I have known and worked with Tom Von Deck for many years. His meditation system is excellent and ahead of its time. I wholeheartedly recommend his program.”
William Martino – Zen monk, Author and Teacher

The trainer, Tom Von Deck, offers both offsite and onsite meditation and corporate stress management programs as well as a 200 page book and a 6 hr 40 min audio course for your employee stress management training program. The Deeper Meditation Training Course (corporate wellness edition) and Audio Course offer a complete corporate stress management program for your workplace. You do not have to be in Arizona to benefit from Tom’s stress programs. He and/or his training products will come to you at very affordable rates. Tom has been practicing meditation since c. 1987. His expertise is not the result of a “certification mill”. Therefore, only top quality instruction is offered here.


“I am so glad I came across your course, I have been a bit stuck in my meditation practices, and since listening to warm up strategies, it has made a difference. I have done in the past Vipassana Meditation and plan to do a followup early next year. Your instructions will certainly enhance my meditation, thank you for making this available.”
Joe Kosterman from Gauteng, South Africa


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