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Sensory Meditation

  • Moon Gazing Meditation – Trataka Technique

    In this video and article, you’re going to learn how to perform a moon gazing meditation technique in the Trataka (pr. trah’-tah-kah) tradition. Trataka, also known as Tratak (pr. trah’-tahk), was a pillar of Hatha Yoga before postures and breathing

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  • Eye Gazing Partner Meditation for Couples

    In the video and article below, you will learn the powerful eye gazing meditation technique and increase your capacity for intimacy and compassion. It’s designed as a partner meditation for couples, but you can also practice this solo by gazing

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  • Pure Present Moment Open Awareness Meditation Technique

    In the video and article below, you will learn a simple yet profound open awareness meditation technique that will progressively open you to present moment awareness on increasingly profound levels. The ability to “hang” with whatever’s going on in the

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  • How to Do Zen Walking Meditation Techniques: Kinhin Instructions

    In this video and article, you will learn how to do walking meditation using the Zen Kinhin technique (pr. Kin’ Hyin’ or Kin’ Yin’, both syllables with equal accent). Instructions vary according to tradition, so we’ll get as comprehensive as

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