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Guided Grounding Meditation Exercise

In this article and video, you will learn a powerful guided meditation for grounding and centering yourself. Grounding exercises and techniques take on many forms. This exercise is a visualization that will anchor you in your body and in the here and now.

Groundedness is a very helpful quality to embody before a formal meditation session. If you feel that you are especially spacey or that your mind is too chattery during a concentration or a mindfulness meditation practice, try this exercise first as a warm up. You can also treat it as a meditation technique in itself.

You can stand for this grounding meditation or you can sit with your back as straight as possible and your feet flat on the floor.

Whenever you have the opportunity to let go of tension during this meditation exercise, do so. The more receptive you are the better.

The video has both guided instructions and open captions.

Below the video is a transcript of the video as well. 

The audio of this particular video tends to get raving reviews. The guided meditation produces profound results. 

It’s just powerful. I don’t yet understand why. It’s just one of those mysteries. 

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Grounding Exercise Instructions

Redwood forests have a profound grounding meditation effect

1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths through the nose.

2. Your hara is the point a couple inches below the navel and a couple inches in. Let your abdomen expand in all directions like a balloon when you breathe, and imagine that breath going straight to the hara.

3. Imagine tree-like roots growing out of the bottoms of your feet. Let them dig into the Earth’s crust.

4. The roots are digging past rocks and working their way to the Earth’s hot mantle. They are going through the mantle and beyond, into the center of the Earth’s hot molten core.

5. A pressure is building in the core of the Earth. Allow your roots to be receptive to this energy. You don’t have to do anything special. Just be open.

6. On the exhale, let go of anything you need to let go of. Send any anger, mental chatter, tension, resentment or anything else holding you back into the Earth’s core to be burned and transmuted.

7. Receive the energy of the core of the Earth through your roots. Let it rise through the mantle, through the crust, through the feet, legs, genitals, abdomen, chest, neck and head.

8. Allow this to continue as you become brighter and brighter. The light is filling you like a balloon. Do this until you feel like you are fully glowing with the warm radiance.

9. Let the light go through the crown of your head, the soft spot on the very top. The light continues to travel upward and merge with the stars and their radiant light and heat. You are now open and receptive to the starlight.

10. You are growing branches that reach up to the stars. Allow the starlight to pour through your crown and your branches, filling you with light. You are as bright as a star.

11. Allow the starlight to pass through your whole body and down through the roots until it merges with the Earth’s core.

12. On the inhales through the nose, you are drawing up the radiant energy of the Earth’s core, letting it pass through you and sending it to the stars. During the exhales, you are drawing the radiant light from the stars, letting it pass through you and sending it through the roots to the Earth’s core. You are big. The core and the stars are not far away. Do this for as long as you wish.

13. Next, on the inhales, draw the Earth energy through the roots and into your heart area. On the exhales, draw the starlight downward to your heart area. Do this for as long as you wish.

14. Next, on the inhales, draw both the energies from the Earth and sky to your heart. On the exhales, they are mixing and swirling around your heart center. Do this until you experience a warm and expanded feeling.

15. Now, on the inhales, draw both the energies from the Earth and sky to your heart. On the exhales, let it flow from your heart to your hands and fingers. Do this for as long as you wish or until your hands are tingling with warmth.

16. (Optional) Bathe in the bliss for a while. If any thoughts come up, acknowledge them and let them be without judgment. They will dissipate on their own. Then bathe in the bliss again. In most cases you will have less internal chatter by this point.

What did you experience during this grounding meditation exercise? Share in the comments below.

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  • What happened to the awesome video that went along with this? I used it all the time! 🙂

  • Nice blogging, thank you for your post.

  • Andrew Kowalski

    It is the great meditation for normal hectic time. But what to do if you are really in great trouble or if you face something horrible like illness/death of a very close person? What kind of meditation is really useful then?

    • Tom Von Deck

      Grounding can help with that as well. There are also various forms of mindfulness meditation to build equanimity. Visualizing the friend being well and whole is another one. It’s hard to know. Different people, even if in the same situation, may need different things.

  • A beautiful meditation:
    my thoughts settled and disappeared, a sense of deep calm filled my inner space.
    Thank you, Tom:-)

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