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Loving Kindness Compassion Meditation – Spoken with Script

In this video and article, you’re going to learn a verbal style of loving kindness meditation, also known as compassion meditation or Metta Bhavana. 

You’ll use a simple verbal script for instilling the initial feelings of love and kindness. Then, you’ll learn more about awakening your innate compassionate self most efficiently.

Loving kindness meditation typically starts with a device that arouses feelings of love and kindness. The device you’ll be using is a few simple sentences.

We’ll begin with the self. After we arouse compassion toward the self, we’ll be in a better position to do the same for others.

It is most difficult to feel love and kindness toward yourself. Sometimes, strong emotions, including anger, will come up. Extraneous thoughts may even try to distract you. Let all this stuff come to the surface. Let it all coexist, in the present moment, with your “script”. There is room for all of it.

You may even feel like you’re faking this at first, but that will pass as you continue your practice. You’ll realize that you’re becoming less dependent on the script and that the feelings the script induces become more natural. It will become increasingly real.

The feelings of loving kindness are more important than the script. When you begin to really feel the peace and love, you can optionally stop the script and bathe in that, setting the same intent as the words you were repeating.

How to Do the Loving Kindness Compassion Meditation

1. Sit in a comfortable position. The straighter the back, the better. Lying down and standing is also OK.

2. Relax and take a few deep breaths through the nose with eyes closed. Soften the body and the mind, and allow yourself to become a little more centered with each breath.

3. Inhale fully. Then exhale and repeat the first sentence of the following script. You can do this aloud or mentally. After the next inhale, repeat the second sentence. Repeat until you finish the block of sentences. If you feel like you need to repeat this step a few times, do so.

I love myself.

I deserve the highest form of happiness.

I deserve freedom from suffering.

I am the embodiment of love.

4. Repeat step three, but with the following script.

I am happy and filled with light.

I am free from suffering.

I am experiencing the highest form of happiness.

I am the embodiment of love.

5. Think of a loved one who already arouses feelings of loving kindness. Repeat this same script. Let’s say his name is Ralph.

Ralph is happy and filled with light.

Ralph is free from suffering.

Ralph is experiencing the highest form of happiness.

Ralph is the embodiment of love.

6. Think of someone you’re indifferent toward. Repeat step five for them.

7. Think of someone you just want to tear into a thousand pieces and ship to hell by mail. Or maybe it’s just someone you have a difficult relationship with. It could even be someone you think you hate. Repeat step five for that person.

8. Expand this compassion meditation to your neighborhood.

Everyone in this neighborhood is happy and filled with light.

They are free from suffering.

They are experiencing the highest form of happiness.

All of them are the embodiment of love.

9. Repeat this for your state or province, then the nation and then the world. Next, do the same for all sentient beings.

10. Bathe in the joy this loving kindness meditation has generated. Be thankful that all sentient beings are being freed from suffering.

Keep practicing this loving kindness meditation, and your capacity for compassion, love and kindness will continue to expand. Remember to allow all emotion and extraneous thought to coexist with your practice and your script.

Every time you allow emotion to come to a point of resolution, you have made just a little bit more room for compassion and true loving kindness.

Share your experiences with loving kindness meditation in the comments below.

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