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When is the Best Time to Meditate for the Greatest Benefits?

From this video and article, you’re about to learn when the best time of day to meditate is for the greatest possible benefits.

This is not standard fare advice. I just don’t roll like that unless standard fare is actually better. 

But standard is not better this time. 

Follow THIS advice, and you can plan on multiplying the benefits of your meditation practice. 


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When is the Best Time of Day for Meditation?

What time should you devote to meditation each day? Is it sunrise or sunset?

Here’s the answer:

It’s when you’re in the friggin’ elevator.

Or maybe you don’t use elevators often. That’s cool. Then you can meditate in the car after you’re road raged and frustrated and cursing at fellow drivers…

… And you’re forced to stop driving because there’s this overhead electronic device in front of you that just switched off the green LED light and switched on the red LED light.

Or maybe those are halogen light bulbs and not LEDs, but whatever.

Now you have a chance to take some deep breaths through the nose and check yourself out. Where’s your mind at?

Has it been reacting to other drivers with frustration?

Is it worried about whether your significant other will find out that you had to stop at a gas station to pick up his or her anniversary present, because today’s your anniversary and you never had time to look for a real gift?

How to Use That Traffic Light Time & Elevator Time

If you take a few deep breaths during that 20 seconds and pay attention to what you’re thinking and feeling, that’s meditation.

That’s especially true if you’re observing the mind with as much compassion and as little judgment as possible, or at least giving it a good shot. You’re loosening up tension, and you’re expanding consciousness.

So you just bought a temporary skull with wings tattoo, a plastic rose, and – I don’t know – a Hershey bar. So what?

Do the breathing, or a mantra, or a singing telegram to God.

Which Brings Us to a New Question: Why?

Because it all adds up if you…

  • … use that traffic light time or elevator time wisely
  • … or if you take two-minute meditation breaks at work
  • … or if you chant while you’re scrubbing the toilet

Try it for a few days if you haven’t already, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

That’s because momentum is what you’re aiming for. That peace and transcendence accumulates a lot more than you might think.

A Few days. Try it. You’ll be hooked.

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