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Guided Visualization: Meditation on a Waterfall

Waterfall meditation visual aid

The following video is a guided visualization with a waterfall being the object of meditation. If you just want to read how to do it, detailed instructions are below the video.

The advantage of a nature object is that we have a deep connection to beautiful scenery in nature. It rejuvenates us and fills us with fresh energy.

Meditation is the art of falling in love. It’s easy to fall in love with something beautiful. Appreciation of beauty generates more synapses that connect the neurons in the brain.

The instructions below are a little more detailed than the guided visualization.

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Meditation on a Waterfall

You can meditate deeply by visualizing a waterfall

For this meditation, you can sit, stand or lay down on your back.

If you’re sitting, keep your back as straight as you can and the crown of the head aligned with the spine. Tuck in the chin just a little bit so that the spine is straight all the way up.

1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths through the nose. You’re feeling calmer and calmer with each breath. Let go of all concerns.

2. Imagine yourself sitting in the woods facing a waterfall. Calmly observe the waterfall. You may be sitting on a rock or on a log.

3. Listen to the sounds. The sound of the falling water hitting the river and the sound of the water rushing downstream.

What do you smell? Are there flowers nearby?

Notice the sound of birds chirping in the distance.

4. Keep breathing through the nose. The whole scene is becoming more vivid. Relax and merge with the waterfall and the serene environment increasingly with each breath.

5. Whenever distracting thoughts or emotions come up, give them space to be what they are – processes happening now. Thoughts are in the present moment. The desire to watch cat videos instead of meditating is happening in the present moment. Calmly note what’s happening with “thinking”, “angry” or “antsy”. Then calmly go back to your waterfall.

6. Go back to the waterfall. You’re becoming more relaxed and calm with every breath. Notice the low-pitched roar of the water and the subtle higher-pitched sounds. Concentrate with more and more detail.

You can do this meditation on your own or visit the above video for the guided visualization. You can do it for any length of time.

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  • Great ! Love Tom’s meditations. They are carefully prepared, and they have had a great effect on my work. Thanks Tom !

    • Tom Von Deck

      Thanks. I’m glad it’s helping. I envision a lot more audios on this site, in video form. Now you know where to find them.

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