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How to Reach a Theta State of Mind Without Machines

It is easy to reach a Theta state of mind without binaural beats, metronomes or other knickknacks. Here you will learn how to enter a Theta state with a quick visualization exercise PLUS how to use it to skyrocket your intuition.

The boost that a Theta mind state gives to your intuition is surprisingly powerful. It can remove a lot of guesswork from so many difficult situations.

In the video below, I will guide you into a Theta state.

You can also use this method to give intuitive readings to others.

Scroll down to get the instructions or watch the video.

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What are Theta Brainwaves?

Theta brainwaves correspond to a state of mind associated with dreams and waking dreams, as well as a deep meditative state.

This brainwave frequency is slower than the Beta and Alpha activity we normally have in daily life. They vibrate at between 4 and 8 cycles per second. Theta states are normally responsible for those “Eureka!” moments of well known inventors and scientists. They are highly creative states.

In a Theta state, you tap into the creative and intuitive resources of your mind. When you can consciously control this state of mind, then problem solving and tapping into your intuition becomes much easier. Goal achievement also becomes a much easier and more efficient process.

It really is super duper simple to achieve this mind state without any gadgets or machines. I mean it. Honest. Just do the following visualization.

We’ll start with the optional grounding part. It is important to visualize going into the Earth, at least some of the time. Entering a Theta state of mind through this type of exercise can be very un-grounding. If you do this visualization often, you’ll want to do yourself a favor and keep grounded.

Grounding Exercise to Prepare for the Theta State

How to Reach Theta State - Grounding Stage
Credit: B.A. Bowen

1. Close your eyes and relax. Imagine yourself as a ball of white light in the center of your chest.

2. Travel downward toward the belly, gathering your body consciousness into that ball. The ball becomes bigger and brighter as you gather that consciousness.

3. Travel down through the groin and through the thighs, knees, ankles and feet. You continue to become larger as you do this.

4. Go through the bottoms of the feet until you’re a few feet into the Earth.

5. Go a few hundred feet deeper into the Earth’s crust. Find a very large rock.

6. Attach a cord to yourself. Attach the other end of the cord to this very large rock.

7. Head back up to the bottoms of your feet. Go back up through your feet, ankles, knees, groin and belly. Gather your body consciousness even more.

Now you’re back where you started. Now we will continue with the beginning of the Theta exercise. This part is not optional.

Visualization for Entering a Theta Mind State

1. You are a ball of white light in the middle of your chest. Your eyes are closed.

2. Travel upward toward your neck, gathering your body consciousness into your ball. You, as the ball, are growing bigger and brighter as you do this.

3. Go through the jaw and the head while continuing to gather the body consciousness. Stop at the fontanel (crown) at the top of your head.

4. With a little bit of a pop, exit the fontanel and go three feet above your head. Look around. You are now in a Theta state, but we’re not done yet. We need to reinforce this state of mind.

5. Go up a few hundred feet and look around.

6. Keep going past the sun and the moon and through millions of galaxies.

7. Go past the universe.

8. In the distance is a ball of bluish white light. As you approach it, this ball gets bigger and bigger until it’s right there in front of you.

9. Enter this light. You are in a whole new plane. Keep going through this light until it is all that exists.

10. Let the light wash through you and cleanse all your tension and impurities. Bathe in the light.


Some of you will feel different in a Theta mind state. Some of you won’t. Those who don’t may become pleasantly surprised when they actually APPLY this state. You will learn how in the next section.

How to Apply it for Intuition Development & Manifesting

You can use this Theta visualization as a meditation by sitting in the place of light that you entered in the visualization. You can also ask questions to tap into your intuition and solve problems, such as “What do I have to do today to get that job”.

If you practice visualization for manifestation work, you can do your visualizations in the place of light you entered in the exercise. This will enhance your ability to achieve your goal.

When you ask questions or visualize a goal after reaching a Theta state, do not be impatient. Intuitions will come through visual, kinesthetic, “direct knowing” and/or audio channels – but not necessarily right away.

Intuitions may come within a few seconds or minutes, or they may come the next day. They will manifest more quickly with practice. The key is to let go and allow these things to come up.

Do not try to interpret what comes up. Just take note of everything that goes through your mind. Write them down if you have to. Let your conscious mind process the information. Then, suddenly, you may have a “Eureka!” moment.

I find it easiest to use this method to answer other people’s questions. Try partnering up and let your partner ask the questions. Don’t interpret anything. Just tell them exactly what you see, feel, “know”, etc – no matter how ridiculous it seems. The feedback may surprise you.

For example, if you see a kangaroo playing double dutch with two little girls, tell them that. They might just say, “Oh my God! I once saw a kangaroo playing double dutch with two little girls when I was five years old!” Or the connection may be more subtle but profoundly meaningful.

If you partner up, rap up the session by going back up to the light and letting it rinse you.

If you want to solidly anchor yourself in a state of mind that is conducive to achieving your goals and really get the most out of the Theta brainwave state, I would recommend a solid meditation practice.


Learn how to do this visualization in a few seconds rather than in minutes. Try to do it in under a minute. Then aim for 30 seconds, then 10 seconds, then two seconds. It doesn’t have to be very vivid and realistic. It will still work. 


Don’t sweat it. As soon as you, as the little ball of light, exited through the crown, you reached a Theta brainwave state. You went up further, past the galaxies, past the universe, into the ball of light to the place where only the light exists. The extra steps in the visualization are to ensure that you are solidly in Theta. Again, there is no distinct feeling everyone is supposed to feel and know they’ve reached a Theta state. The convincing comes when you APPLY this state of mind.

For Those Who Want to Use the Theta State for Healing, Subconscious Belief Work & Other Applications…

The exercise you learned is based on the same idea as Vianna Stibal’s Theta Healing visualization. The basis of Theta Healing is to reach a Theta mind state and use that for all kinds of applications from changing subconscious beliefs to spiritual healing and psychic work. Her visualization is a little more elaborate to allow for advanced Theta state applications.

Vianna shares her techniques in several books. For more solid guidance, find a Theta Healing Teacher in your community or online.

Share Your Insights or Questions

What are your experiences with Theta mind states? Share them in a comment below. 

Is anything unclear/wrong/etc? Ask a question or chime in with some input below.

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  • hey tom
    i read your article and put it to the test , but i did not see light ball
    even i cant imagine it , is something wrong with me ?

    • Tom Von Deck

      Can you visualize other things? Is that light the only thing you’re having trouble with?

  • Were you trained in Theta Healing? The Theta Healing technique was invented by Vianna Stibal years ago. Your grounding and theta technique are similar to hers.

    • Tom Von Deck

      Same idea. Vianna’s is more sophisticated to allow for a lot more applications.

      • Tom Von Deck

        See the final paragraph of the article above. It mentions her.

  • this was easy. I did not hang on out there long, in fact the whole meditation did not take long. will keep doing it. I am a good visualizer, but did not see the blue light so just imagined it. Thank you for sharing this information in such a caring way.

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    i have also reached to the theta state of mind and i think this visualization technique is stupid
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  • Joseph Laph

    When i came back from theta state, i instantly started to cry, i don’t know why. I got 2 answers for my 2 questions, which were unbelieveable. Im scared to go back to theta state again, for real.

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    I can’t coordinate visualizing being a white ball and at the same time traveling through my body. What can I do to make it easier?

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      Not sure. Seems powerful though. Were the serpents in a caduceus form? That’s medicine right there.

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