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How to Open Your Third Eye Chakra – Guided Meditation Technique

In this video and article, you’re going to learn how to open your third eye chakra with a guided meditation.

Third eye activation is not a quick process. It requires patience. If you access your third eye regularly, you will eventually experience some “quantum leaps” or “openings”. It is not either open or closed. There is an ongoing awakening process.

Make sure to hulk smash the play button on the video below.

After that, you can just follow my voice instructions.

But you don’t have to treat it as a guided meditation. You can also click the play button and then read along with my voice. There’s a transcript below the video.


Let’s roll!

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Is it Dangerous to Open Your Third Eye?

Statue depicting an open third eye chakra

There is some danger to third eye meditations. It may be wise to gather as much info as you can about this before you practice such exercises regularly. Also research the pitfalls of spiritual materialism.

You may experience some symptoms when opening your third eye chakra. Symptoms include a feeling of pressure at the point between the eyebrows, headaches, strange imagery, information overload and oversensitivity (especially around people).

Tips for Avoiding Causing Harm to Yourself

Scenery like this can help you open your third eye chakra, especially with these colors.

Some of the above “problems” may be OK. You’re getting used to activating parts of your brain that you weren’t working with before. However, you may need to keep an eye on yourself and “check in” regularly. If it’s too overwhelming, scale back your third eye chakra meditations a little bit with shorter sessions, or even take a break for a while if you have to.

For a while, you may not experience anything remarkable. That’s OK as well. Real processes are happening behind the scenes even in that case. They will build up into more visible processes.

To help prevent uncomfortable symptoms, be sure to combine this practice with grounding exercises. These include physical exercise, anything that generates feeling in the body and grounding meditations of various kinds. This will help you to keep your delicate upper chakras and your lower chakras in balance. Don’t just fly off into la la land.

You want to practice the following third eye opening meditation at least a few minutes per day for best results. Try not to skip a day because momentum is important here.

Meditation for Opening Your Third Eye Chakra

The open third eye improves intuitive perception

1. Sit in a comfortable position. Lying on your back is also OK. Take a few deep breaths through the nose. Let your abdomen expand in all directions as you inhale. You’ll feel it in your back as well as your belly. Allow yourself to relax a little bit more with every breath.

2. Imagine yourself as a ball of white light in the center of your chest. Every inhale is going to this ball of light. It’s getting bigger. Do this for a few breaths.

3. As this ball of light, travel up to your throat area, “gathering” your consciousness along the way. You are becoming bigger and brighter as you do this. Go up to your third eye chakra, the point between the eyebrows and just a little bit inward, and do the same.

4. Travel up to your crown. This should be that soft spot on the top of your head that was very soft when you were a baby. It’s also known as the fontanel.

5. Point your eyes upward so that they’re “looking” into the point between the eyebrows. Stretch your forehead upward so that it’s krinkled. Your eyes should discover a little “sweet spot” that lets you know they’re pointing in the right direction. If not, no worries.

6. Exit the crown with a little pop. Go up about three feet and look around for a second or two. Go up 100 feet and do the same.

7. Travel upward. Go past the sun and moon. Go past millions of stars and galaxies until you’re past the universe and you don’t see any of these things.

8. In the distance, you see a ball of whitish light with a purplish blue tint. The tint has an indigo color. It’s getting bigger and bigger until it’s very close. Now it’s huge. Enter it. Your brainwaves are now vibrating in a Theta frequency.

9. If you see anything other than this light, go deeper into it. You’re in a whole new plane. Let the light “rinse” you. Bathe in the light.

10. Relax your forehead and eyes and breathe in this light. Let it enter your jaw on the inhale. Notice any tension in the upper and lower jaw. Allow the jaw to relax, especially on the exhale.

11. Do the same for the sides of the head, the back of the head, the forehead and the top of the head. Optionally, if you’re feeling ambitious, do the same for all parts of the body.

12. Point your eyes upward to your third eye chakra, between the eyebrows, and stretch your forehead again. Keep breathing through the nose.

13. Chant a long “om” with every exhale. You can do it loud or quietly. The important thing is that you are aware of the vibration from this mantra in your forehead. Keep the “ooooo” roughly equal in length to the “mmmmm”.

Experiment with different pitches so that you find the right pitch that vibrates just right in your third eye chakra point.

14. Let go into the vibration. Let yourself become increasingly absorbed in it. It is new and unique every time. Relax into it and enjoy it. Take it in.


You can also imagine the vibration of the om vibrating outward infinitely in all directions, connecting with the all. In this case, you are still absorbed in the vibration of the om in your third eye chakra point.


If thoughts or emotions come up, let them be what they are. There’s no need to push them away. They can coexist with the om. They will arise and fall away on their own.

A Conclusion of Some Kind

Now you know how to open your third eye chakra. Keep practicing this meditation technique. If you develop what they call “siddhis” or powers, be sure to develop wisdom at the same rate. Don’t be that little boy with the nuclear arsenal.

Share Your Insights or Questions

What are your experiences with opening the third eye? Share them in a comment below. 

Is anything unclear/wrong/etc? Ask a question or chime in with some input below.

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  • Faewood

    Thank you Tom for the work you do and share with us. I love the simplicity of your blogs. There is a lot of good stuff out there but I often get bored trying to reading some of it. Your blogs are to the point

  • Hey Tom. I enjoyed your meditation video and I wanted your help. I’ve opened my third eye I know because I was seeing things. At first I was just seeing colors when I closed my eyes mostly purple. Then I started seeing faces and shapes and scenery. Not too long ago I decide to meditate and I did a chakra meditation for the first time in a long time and as soon as I got to the sixth chakra an all black almond shaped eye appeared in my minds eye and it was open. The next day I was just laying down on the couch eyes closed and I saw a very real eye in my minds eye Bert clearly that was blue and open and was scanning side to side. Lately however I’ve not been seeing anything. I don’t know what’s going on as nothing has changed with me or my circumstances. I need to know what happened. Can you please explain is this some kind of a phase? Is this normal? Will it come back? I’ve been meditating consistently. Thanks a lot.

    • Tom Von Deck

      Hi. Did I respond to this? You had an experience similar to one that I had in 1995 or 96. In my case, it was an indicator of the opening. I was seeing ripples of water in the mind’s eye. They opened up and became an eye. After that, I was seeing the entire room with my eyes closed. It was pretty dramatic like in your case. But it was temporary. It was an indicator. The conscious mind became aware of the process that was happening. They were short-term effects and long term effects. I worked with someone who had almost exactly the same experiences me. When he was seeing with his eyes closed, everything was black and white. In my case, everything had a purple tint.

    • Hey there! I’ve done much meditation and I believe that you’ve let go or released the idea of your eye being open.

      Now, the next step is to learn.

      Try asking the Universe a question. Any question. Every day, ask what you want to know.

      What is my soul’s name? How can I preform “_____?”

      I’ve gained a lot of wisdom this way.

      If you’re not ready for the information you seek, the Universe will give it to you when you are ready.
      So don’t expect immediate responses right away. Allow the Universe to guide you, as if you are on a sail boat in the middle of the Sea. c:

      I hope this helps. If you have any questions that aren’t being answered here, feel free to email me:


  • Thanks for posting a unique article about chakra benefits.

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  • Hey so can opening your third eye help you with telekinesis and other powers like that. I would like to know because I’m trying those out and would like to know.

    • Tom Von Deck

      I think that it can inform that kind of stuff. Telekinesis is harder to come by, but I’ve seen stuff that’s roughly in that ballpark.

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