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At last, you CAN finally quiet your mind and carry this peace within you, all day long, wherever you go…

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“I have never before encountered the clarity that you have introduced me to…”

“I have been on my journey for many years but I have never before encountered the clarity that you have introduced me to. There were many aha moments. I studied Reiki, Theta healing, meditation and NLP. At no time could I capture the ability to almost instantaneously go to a very deep level of mind. My life is more peaceful, more compassionate. Just lots of good things going on for me since I found your book online. Thank you.”

Ellen, Warrensville Heights, Ohio via email

I Will Take You By the Hand & Show You…

  • How to create your own customized meditation program that is as unique as you are. Not only does this make meditation much easier, but it also makes it more enjoyable for you.
  • How to prepare your mind and your body for the deepest levels of meditation. Different traditions teach different ways to do this. I’ll help you find YOUR way.
  • How to create a powerful momentum of peace in everyday life that only accumulates more peace over time. The bliss will become greater and greater the more you do this, and it’s easy to do.
  • How to fit meditation into the most hectic of schedules so that time becomes far less of an issue.

In my meditation journey, I’ve experienced firsthand what a huge difference the right approach can make. I’d like to help you find the right approach for your own personal meditation system.

Why Meditation Retreats Can’t Make These Same Promises

In our fast-paced world, our minds – our beings – need a place to find peace. We need stolen moments from the day that become just ours, moments when everything slows down and we can truly find serenity.

There are times, even during meditation, when that constant chatter in our minds is relentless. We can’t seem to turn it off. We may find success during a retreat but, back at home, the mind just keeps ticking and we can’t seem to quiet our thoughts.

The challenge is finding the right approach… an approach that fits your personality and lifestyle.

Meditation, much like everything else in life, is not a “one size fits all” solution.

I’m going to show you a new and much different approach to meditation than you’ve ever experienced.

I will share it with you ABSOLUTELY FREE.

It’s an approach I call:

The Deeper Meditation System

My name is Tom Von Deck. I specialize in making meditation a much easier process for busy people just like you.

Whether you’re just beginning or you’re an advanced student of meditation, The Deeper Meditation System provides an easier way for you to meditate.

Tom Von Deck from Deeper Meditation

You Can Even Keep Your Existing Meditation Practice

If you have a desired meditation technique that you already practice, you do NOT have to abandon your practice in order to reap the full benefits of this system. It’s compatible with every style of meditation.

If you’re a beginner…

I’ll help you find the technique you are most compatible with and then give you more tools to make it even easier to meditate.

Here’s Why The Deeper Meditation System is Different than Any Other Meditation System You’ll Find

Meditating can feel difficult and discouraging. You can spend countless hours reading books and experimenting with various methods.

Because of all of the challenges that meditation can have, wouldn’t it be great if someone would… give you a complete blueprint to a meditation strategy? One that could be personalized to fit you?

Well, I created The Deeper Meditation System to do just that.

You see, The Deeper Meditation System is a complete set of meditation strategies that will have you consistently finding yourself in profound meditation experiences.

It will not just give you a choice of whether to enter a deep state of meditation at any given moment. Au Contraire. Instead, you may think of it as a choice to STOP MEDITATING at any given moment.

That can be a great choice to have when you’re driving, or when you need to stop “zenning out” so that you can pay the cashier at the grocery store counter.

I’ve studied techniques from various western and Asian cultures for more than 30 years. The Deeper Meditation System blends these techniques into an accessible and actionable process that you can customize for yourself.

What Others Are Saying 
About The Deeper Meditation System

“There are great how-to tips that I had never heard before…”

“…Very well organized and presents great information on the various techniques in an easy to understand manner. There are great how-to tips that I had never heard before. And, of course, he covers the intermediate level meditation subjects – the yogic breath, the inner smile, the breath of fire. I found it time well spent and a great resource…” – Daniel Paul via Amazon

“It is a User’s Manual that can bring real connection…”

“…After reading Tom Von Deck’s book, Oceanic Mind, I have come to the conclusion that this is not only the best book on meditation, it is a User’s Manual that can bring real connection and, for the first time, gives the prepping programs and methods that enhance the meditation experience… We must all connect to our greater Spiritual existence and Oceanic Mind can greatly help! Going within, through meditation, is the only way to gain that connection.” – J. O’Connor via Amazon

Are these people any different than you? 

No, they’re not. They represent professionals, amateurs, beginners and lifelong inner peace seekers with the same passion to learn meditation just like you.

The only difference is that they gave this program a try.

You too can experience for yourself what it’s like to successfully meditate, experiencing inner calm and peace more profoundly than you ever dreamed possible!

Now You Can Experience The Deeper Meditation System
for Yourself Absolutely Free

For now, I’m letting the inner peace seekers try out my Deeper Meditation System for FREE. I’m truly excited to share this program with you.

You’ll discover that this is truly a unique meditation system. One that is 100% compatible with you, no matter what your background is.

The Deeper Meditation System will help you achieve inner calm, greater enlightenment and give you deep healing of emotional baggage.

With This Gargantuan Free Sampling of The Deeper Meditation System, You Will:

Receive a full 100 pages of Oceanic Mind – The Deeper Meditation Training Course. This will give you a solid foundation to make it much easier for you to meditate.

• Learn how to design your own meditation system… one that is as unique as you are.

• Receive downloadable guided meditation MP3’s from the Deeper Meditation Audio Course.

• Receive additional “tips and tricks” newsletters that will help you further your experience of profound peace through meditation.

Look, I know how tough it can be to meditate, much less meditate at a deeper level. That’s why I want to help as many people as possible discover their own processes and experience the peace and joy we were all meant to have.

It’s Easy for You to Get Started Today

Meditation is something that you can do regardless of your background or busy lifestyle.

To get started today on your way to a wealth of meditation knowledge, just fill out the form below. You’ll get instant access to start your path to serenity. Be sure to get it before I change my mind.

Peace be with you and enjoy your journey!

I am also very happy to offer remote one-on-one sessions, local one-on-one sessions in Prescott, AZ, corporate trainings, speaking engagements, Theta Healing sessions and Reiki training (local and Skype). Let me know how I can help.

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