You can meditate regardless of your hectic time schedule or a perceived lack of self discipline. We’ll make meditation a much easier and more customized process.

Monkey Wisdom offers the Deeper Meditation Training Programs for individuals, couples, groups, corporations, colleges and organizations – both local and nonlocal. All programs offer customized solutions for beginners and advanced students of Yoga and meditation.

For corporate meditation training programs and speaking engagements, click on the Corporate Meditation Programs Page. Small busnesses and workplaces welcome.

Individuals and couples (local):


Assessment: We will assess your past experiences with meditation as well as current beliefs and conceptions about it. Next, we will discuss the general nature of meditation and the wide variety of styles that are available. Through interviews, experimentation and other methods, we will determine the technique that resonates most with your life’s journey.

Meditation Strategy Training: You will learn the anatomy of all effective stress reduction and spiritual traditions. You will develop a customized “integration” strategy which fosters a powerful meditative momentum in your daily life. Such a strategy, properly implemented,  will allow you to transcend busy time schedules so that peace is always at hand. You will learn to integrate this strategy into your unique spiritual background and lifestyle. Whether you have ten minutes or ten hours to devote to your practice on any given day, you will have all the tools to do so.

Customized holistic workout: You will learn a complete, personalized holistic workout that prepares your entire being for deep meditation. Your unique “warm up strategy” will be versatile for all types of daily schedules.

Meditation: Following the workout, we will further pinpoint your most compatible form of meditation and you will be meditating very deeply. If you are already comfortable with your practice, then we can skip this part and focusing on enhancing your current meditation technique.

Safety: We will discuss any contraindications for the techniques you learned. That is, when to and when not to practice what you learned.

Rate is $60 per hour or sliding scale if that is not possible.

Call and schedule a chat to determine if the program’s right for you.

Groups and workplace meditation trainings, speaking engagements (local and nonlocal):

The meditation program for group workplace coaching is similar to the above syllabus. However, there is slightly less individualized attention. We will learn as a group how to create our most compatible meditation strategies. Prices vary. Call or email for details.

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