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Reiki is an effortless method of “Laying on of Hands” healing as well as a foolproof system of meditation and self-healing.

After the “attunement” releases all blocks to the flow of this spiritually guided healing energy, you will have a constant stream of love medicine flowing through your hands.

Reiki energy is guided not by the practitioner, but by Spirit. Therefore, it is super easy to learn, 100% safe and full of surprises. Reiki is ideal for self-healing and meditation as well as for treating others. You do not need to “feel energy” to be a fully functioning Reiki practioner. All you need is hands and an intention to heal.

Because Reiki is spiritually guided, every time you place your hands on another person, plant, or animal, you BOTH receive the healing. There is no energy drain on the practioner. In fact, Reiki protects you from picking up “sick energy” from the client (there are some exceptions).

This course is very rigorous and thorough. It acts as a bridge between a variety of lineages and factions to give you a comprehensive overview of what Reiki is and how to use it – from a variety of viewpoints.

The Attunement Process

The attunement or “transmission” process for level one will consist of the four traditional attunements for a deep experience of the process behind it.

Some lineages perform one ritual instead of four, which seems to work. However, we’re aiming for a deep and solid experience of the process.

Available Courses & Trainings

Reiki comes in three levels. A certificate and manual(s) are included in each course.


Level one is for self, others, pets, plants, food, birthday presents and all things you can physically touch.

One-on-One: $247 USD

Bring One or More Friends: $197 per person

Sliding Scale Pricing is Available for All Levels If Needed

Length: Roughly 7 hours


Level Two is more conducive for distance healing (have any loved ones 5,000 miles away?) and consciously working with emotional and karmic healing.

One-on-One: $247 USD

Bring One or More Friends: $197 USD per person

Length: 7 hours or less


Level 3 is teacher training. It’s reserved for people who are serious about Reiki.

Cost: $333 USD per person

In Reiki Level 1, You Will Learn:

1.      The nature of Reiki

2.      Why it is easier to learn than most other systems.

3.      Hand sensitization and aura scanning techniques (Not necessary for Reiki, but very useful at times).

4.      A full set of hand positions for treating yourself and another for others.

5.      All the tools you need for an intuitive approach to Reiki that transcends the standard hand positions.

6.      Sympathetic (empathic) information and how to use it.

7.      Aura fluffing

8.      Treating babies, pets, food, herbs, crystals, etc…

9.      Treating someone seated in a chair.

10.  Contraindications (when not to use Reiki and what to do instead) + opposing views.

11.  History of Reiki and the five spiritual principles

12.  The alpha brainwave state and how to turn Reiki into a deep meditation for you and client (“client” is a cold term. We only use it for lack of a better word (partner?).

13.  How to sensitize yourself more deeply to the divine energy.

14.  Diagnosis laws and how to approach your assessments of the client.

15. The nature of attunements and initiations (opposing viewpoints)

16. A full set of grounding and clearing exercises to warmup for the initiation. Not Reiki, but you can take these tools home with you.

… And more. 

In Reiki Level 2, You Will Learn:

1. Questions about Reiki

2. Check what was covered and not covered by other teachers.

3. What Level 2 allows you to do. (beaming, eyes, breath, distance healing, intuitively working with Reiki functions, manifesting goals).

4. What to expect with Level 2 attunement.

5, Nature of initiations and attunements.

6. Pre-attunement warmup exercises.

7. Do attunement.

8. Nature of symbols. Don’t get “symbolitus”. Variations in symbols.

9. How to draw symbols. (whole hand, fingers, visualize whole, colors, draw with tongue, visualize in third eye, palm as laser pointer, etc…)

10. Briefly describe each symbol.

11. Describe each one separately and how to use them.

12. Distance healing methods. Sending the HSZSN.

13. Group exercises for distance healing.

14. Ethics, opposing viewpoints.

15. Secretiveness and sacredness, opposing viewpoints.

14. Usui did not see symbols in vision, only Sanskrit sentences.

15. The importance of intuition. No set formula. Intuition develops over time.

16. Let go and trust after a distance healing.

17. HSZSN can program designated repeats of healings. Program it to run as long as it is needed. (Corollary of “no time” function).

18. Earth healing. Earth in palm of hands visualization.

19. Guides, intuition, Divine guidance, etc…

20. Scanning, beaming, healing with eyes, breath. Hand sensitization if it’s new info.

21. Chi Gong and meditation. Reiki as a meditation.

22. Chakras, meridians, etheric body? Ask for familiarity.

23. Crystals – clearing, programming, charging.

24. Manifesting goals. Ethics. Changing habits.

25. Scientific studies of distance healing and prayer.


Tom Von Deck

Deeper Meditation (and Reiki)

Prescott, Arizona

(928) 273-4365

monkeyjediflame (at) gmail dot com or tom @ deepermeditation dot net

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