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How to Use the Force in Real Life & Jedi Training Manual

The Force is Real.

Real life Jedi do exist.

Do you know how to use the Force in real life?

Can you answer “yes” to any of the following statements?

I breathe

I think

I have emotions

I jump

I see

I eat dinner

I do stuff

If you agree with any of the above statements, then you probably know how to use the Force in real life. In fact, you do so at every moment.

This Jedi training manual will help you to learn to use the Force more consciously and efficiently.

The Force is not a supernatural phenomenon outside of us. The Force is really just a term that describes an extension of ourselves that is subtle. We just haven’t necessarily cultivated the sensitivity and skills to work with it yet.

There is so much to us that goes on below the level of consciousness – on finer and finer levels of being. We have effects on everyone and everything that we are not even aware of.

In our minds, we separate the gross from the subtle. The ego naturally separates and categorizes everything.

The body, the mind and the Force are not three things. They are one inseparable thing. It is seemless.

Science is now confirming the existence of the Force. It’s been a little slow. This is because a scientist needs to separate him/herself from something in order to study it “objectively”.

It is very hard to separate yourself from consciousness. In fact, it’s impossible. It is quite a trick trying to set up experiments in just the right way.

Luckily, machines have been developed which measure subtle frequencies and some of their effects.

There is a coherence to these frequencies. We’re used to imagining the subtle reality as a bunch of marbles clanking together in random ways. This is just our imagination. It’s fantasy.

There is an intelligence behind everything. This intelligence controls the Force. A real life Jedi knows how to tap into this intelligence and actively learns how to use the Force in real life.

You will learn how to use the force as a real life Jedi. Please promise me that you will develop wisdom as quickly as you learn to use the Force. Just as you don’t want babies playing with nuclear weapons, you don’t want to hold onto an unripe mind while developing your abilities.

Wisdom is not all-or-nothing. It is a process of developing the maturity of being present with experience as it arises and falls away. We gradually lose the tendency of clinging to comfortable experience and pushing away uncomfortable experience. When we master this, then greed, anger, resentment, etc fall away.

Here is one exercise for you to try which will enable you to quickly learn how to use the force in real life.

Hand Sensitization

Find a partner. If you don’t have anyone around, use both of your palms together instead of yours and someone else’s.

Face each other. One of you holds a palm face up. The other places a palm just above that one so that the two palms are facing each other. The hand on top moves around in small circles that gradually become larger while noticing any sensations that take place.

It is easier to feel the Force from another person than by placing your own palms together. However, place your own two palms together. Make some small circles with one palm while the other palm stays still. Make the circles bigger.

Practice doing this with your own palms every day, and you will become much more sensitive to the Force.

Here are some tips on how to enhance the efficiency of this sensitivity practice.

Before you begin the hand sensitization exercises, place the thumb of one hand on the pressure point in the center of the other palm. Massage the pressure point using a lot of pressure. Now, do the same with the other palm. This increases your sensitivity. You can also rub your hands together vigorously to generate a lot of heat.

The development of sensitivity also comes more easily when you do this practice mindfully. Take a few deep breaths before you begin. When you do the exercise, relax into it. Make your circles slow enough so that you can feel the subtle sensations. The more relaxed and mindful you and your hands are, the greater the sensitivity. Your capacity for sensitivity will grow the more you practice.

Now, place your left palm in front of you facing your right hand. Point the index finger of the right hand to the pressure point at the center of the palm without touching it, about an inch or two away. Keep the left hand steady. Make small circles with the index finger of the right hand. Let the circles gradually become larger. Remember to relax the hands and keep them soft and supple. Take notice what you feel. What you do notice will increase over time. Switch hands. Try different distances between the finger and palm.

Let your palms face each other about 12 inches apart. Imagine they are holding a ball of white light. Squoosh that ball and make it smaller. Let the ball “rebound” back to its original size.

The above exercises are for sensitivity. With sensitivity, you can learn how to use the Force and work with the Force more efficiently. This requires daily practice and diligence. Awakening is gradual. There are no shortcuts. With daily practice, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much more information you are processing as time goes on.


Perfect your Jedi skills with free Force trainings plus tools to fully anchor yourself in the stillness of mind that is required for knighthood. You will develop your ability to work with the Force step by step and receive extra training resources instantly. The Force will transform itself from a sci-fi concept to a living reality.

Gathering the Force

An essential element for learning how to use the Force is gathering the Force.

The following exercise is best performed in a natural setting. Otherwise, just imagine the Earth under the floor/gravel/pavement/whatever. If you’re inside, try to connect with the trees, rocks, etc outside.

Stand with feet a shoulder width apart. Look straight ahead while mindful of the Earth beneath your feet and the sky above you. Don’t focus the eyes on anything particular. Try to feel inside the body with the eyes while being mindful of Earth, sky and the whole field of consciousness.

Take a few deep breaths and get to know yourself for a minute.

Place hands in prayer position in front of your heart like Mother Mary.

Now, pivot your hands so that the tips of the fingers point downward. Bring your hands close to the ground with fingers still pointing at the ground. Your legs are still in the same position. The upper body is bent over.

Inhale through the nose and slowly spread the hands apart, gathering up the Force from the Earth. Exhale through the nose and slowly bring the palms back together, gathering the Force from the Earth.

Repeat this part. You are relaxing more and more into each breath. You are also softening the hands more and more each time, becoming more sensitive.

Imagine your arms are so long that you are gathering the Earth’s magma.

After a while, when you bring your hands back together for the Nth time, you have two hands full of magma.

Come back to standing position and bring that magma to your heart – dominant hand touches your heart and the other palm rests on the back of that hand. Relax and absorb it into your heart for three breaths (always through the nose).

With a lot of pressure, massage the heart region and the back behind the heart. Make sure you feel the buzz from the massage. Massage all the way down into your body. Bring all that energy down. When you get to the feet, continue to massage the stagnant energy down into the Earth. This is part visualization.

Come back up into your original prayer position. Take three deep breaths (always through the nose).

Now pivot the hands so that the fingertips point forward. Extend your arms and point those fingertips to something in nature such as a tree or mountain. If there is none, just imagine.

Pull your palms apart on a slow inhale. Slowly spread them apart, gathering the Force from the elements.

Exhale and bring them back together, gathering the Force from the elements.

Remember, you’re softening into the breath while softening your hands.

“Scoop” the essense of the natural object and bring it to your heart, dominant hand touching the heart and the other palm on the back of that hand. Relax and absorb for three breaths. soften into each breath. Massage the energy down just like before.

This is imagination, but it triggers a very real energetic process. The Force responds to imagination. Imagination is a tool which acts as a radio tuning dial while you’re learning how to use the Force. Your fine tuning abilities will increase with practice.

A real life Jedi practices the conscious use of the imagination as a radio dial to tap into realms that are not easy to see directly.

Prayer position again for three breaths.

Hands go up, past the nose and over the head with palms still together. Pull them apart and gather from the sky.

Bring the dominant palm to the crown of the head and the nondominant palm to the back of the dominant hand. Relax and absorb into the head. Massage downward into the Earth.

Prayer position for three breaths.

Lift the hands above the head again in the same way. Turn the palms outward so that the backs of the hands are together.

Pull the hands apart and gather from infinite galaxies. When the arms are pointing out to either side, palms down, parallel to the Earth, you are collecting from all of nature. Bend down as the hands approach the Earth. Collect from the Earth again and scoop its magma into your hands.

Now, you have the essence of the stars, nature and Earth in your hands. Bring the hands back to your heart with dominant palm touching your heart. You are standing up straight now. Relax and absorb. Massage downward.

Prayer position for three breaths. Become softer with each breath. Merge with the breath.

The exercise you just performed is part visualization. Visualization is an approximation of very real processes that are actually occurring within you.

The more you “tune in” to these processes through visualization, the more sensitive you become to these processes. Again, imagination is essential for learning how to use the Force. Strengthen imagination and concentration and you become better at controlling the Force.

As you become more sensitive to the Force, you have more control over it and it flows more strongly. Remember again that softening is your strength. A roaring waterfall is stronger than a brittle stick.

Soften your movements and soften into your breath. Perform all these exercises mindfully because the Force is consciousness.

The Force flows like a river. The more you soften, the less resistance there is to the Force as it flows within you. Condition your circuitry properly and the Force will flow more strongly within you.

Be gentle, however. Learning how to use the Force is like the river carving the grand canyon. Don’t overwhelm your circuitry. The Force cannot be Forced. You can perform grounding exercises to prevent overload.

Joint Limbering Exercise

Stand up with feet a shoulder width apart.

Shake your left foot

Shake your right foot

Shake your hips

Shake your torso, shoulders and arms

Take a strong, deep breath through the nose

Shake your head from side to side while exhaling through the mouth. You’re making the silent “ha” sound like you’re fogging up the mirror. Your cheeks are wobbling and the “ha” sound is shaking like your cheeks. Inhale and do it a couple more times.

Enter prayer position and take three deep breaths through the nose while softening into each breath.

You should have more feeling in the body now. Take note of the feeling in your body and process it.

Anything which generates feeling in the body is a grounding exercise. Grounding exercises make great warm ups for working with the Force. Feelings in the body, emotions, thoughts – these are different forms of the Force. Experiences rise and fall like waves on the ocean.

Experiences are movement and energy. They arise into consciousness and fall back into the ocean.

As you learn how to use the Force, you become increasingly aware of subtle experience that you were not aware of before. The more you experience the waves of the ocean on subtler and subtler levels, the deeper you plunge into the great sea behind the waves.

The ocean behind the waves is infinitely still and spacious. It is the stillness behind all energy, all emotions, all form. The experience of the ocean is characterized by feelings of bliss, spaciousness and love. The ocean of stillness is a place of rejuvenation. It always prepares you properly for the next battle. It gently conditions you so that you become a purer and purer vessel of the Force.

You will learn how to use the Force and direct it yourself. However, it is better to regularly plunge into that ocean and get to know it. The best real life Jedis learn how to allow the ocean to ultimately guide the Force. This requires regular access to that ocean through meditation.

This does not mean that you need to be passive. The ocean will give you instructions on how to direct the Force. Sometimes it will be direct and you will just “know” what to do. Other times, you may receive intuitions that will guide you.

Keep practicing and you will more fully understand the previous paragraph.

Next, we will discuss ways we waste the Force. This is essential info if we wish to efficiently cultivate the Force as a real life Jedi.

A real life Jedi learns how to use the Force efficiently. To learn ways to use the Force efficiently, we must know how we waste the Force. Notice your breath.

Is it mostly your chest that is moving? Are you using your abdomen? Often, we unwittingly waste the Force by pushing away uncomfortable experience. We may be nervous in crowds. We may find ourselves in situations that bring uncomfortable feelings.

The way that ego pushes away thoughts and experiences it does not want is through breath constriction. Breath constriction diminishes feeling. Deep breathing increases feeling.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Place the index finger of your dominant hand just underneath your navel. Without moving the index finger, place all four fingers together. Press them into your abdomen with a lot of pressure.

Breathe through the nose and push out, with your abdomen, all four fingers with equal pressure.

You should feel a slight massage in your lower back and spine and even in your groin. This is centered breathing.

Centered breathing allows you to absorb oxygen and more of life itself. Your center of gravity is about two inches below your navel and two inches in. A real life Jedi is always mindful of the center of gravity with every breath.

If you have troubles establishing a habit of proper breathing, try focusing on completely emptying the lungs on the exhale. The next inhale will naturally be deeper.

When you make diaphragmatic breathing a habit, you will notice that you are using the Force more efficiently. The Force will leak less.

A real life Jedi does not let anything obstruct his/her breathing. Always notice how each situation effects your breathing patterns. In this way, the Jedi stays conscious and centered.

The next time you are among other people, try the following exercise. Do not move. Be totally still. Notice your desire to fidget, move around or whatever your nervous ego wants you to do. Notice all body sensations.

Fidgeting and frivolous movement causes a leak in the Force. When you practice stillness, you will notice these leaks. Then, you will be able to fix them.

Every time you are with another person, experience arises within you. You may not like how you feel around some people.

For all practical purposes, every person is happening inside of you. Feel them inside and do not let them cause you to obstruct your breathing or engage in frivolous movement.

A real life Jedi gets to know people on a much deeper level because he/she is present with people to a profound degree. The eyes are turned inward, feeling inside the body.

As you learn how to use the Force, you will increasingly notice that awareness of your tension points and weak spots may come up. Different people will trigger different weak spots. These tension points were always there. You are just more aware of them now.

Proper breathing helps you to clear these weak spots. When you clear a tension point triggered by another person, you are also helping the other person, through a mainly invisible process, to clear their corresponding tension. Remember this in all situations, both pleasant and not so pleasant.

The following real life Jedi training video elaborates on all these things. It’s 40 minutes long. Do you have time? It’s worth it.

Video - Jedi Training Using the Force in Real Life

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