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Visual Meditation

  • How to Reach a Theta State of Mind Without Machines

    It is easy to reach a Theta state of mind without binaural beats, metronomes or other knickknacks. Here you will learn how to enter a Theta state with a quick visualization exercise PLUS how to use it to skyrocket your

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  • Guided Grounding Meditation Exercise

    In this article and video, you will learn a powerful guided meditation for grounding and centering yourself. Grounding exercises and techniques take on many forms. This exercise is a visualization that will anchor you in your body and in the here and

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  • Guided Visualization: Meditation on a Waterfall

    The following video is a guided visualization with a waterfall being the object of meditation. If you just want to read how to do it, detailed instructions are below the video. The advantage of a nature object is that we

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