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Corporate Meditation Programs for a Diverse Workforce

In-Person & Virtual

I offer versatile corporate meditation programs for busy and unique employees worldwide and in Arizona. Programs are tailored to your work schedule at your place of business.

Employee stress costs American companies for than $300 Billion per year, according to the National Institute on Stress.

Companies such as Google offer corporate meditation programs for their employees because it just makes good fiscal sense.

In his onsite corporate meditation programs and home study products, Tom Von Deck offers versatile instruction so that employees can create their most compatible meditation practice and stress management strategy.

Employees learn:

  • A few meditation techniques and how to customize a meditation practice so that it is compatible with temperament, culture, time schedule, religious background and lifestyle
  • How to develop a solid and customized stress management strategy to create a powerful momentum of inner peace and productivity.
  • How to fit meditation into a busy schedule so that neither a lack of time nor a lack of self discipline continue to be obstacles to inner peace and productivity.
  • How to apply the principles of meditation to all types of interpersonal relationships so that interpersonal stress and tension becomes less prominent in the workplace.

All corporate meditation programs work around your schedule. You have a choice of half day, quarter day, one hour or a series of one hour seminars. These can be slipped in before work, after work, during lunch or any other time. Use the contact info below for a quote. Prices vary according to the structure of the program.

Discounts apply to Arizona workplaces.


Lunch and Learn Corporate Meditation Workshop: This is a one hour program. Employees will learn about 3 meditation techniques plus ideas on how to customize one’s optimum meditation technique. Employees will also learn how to design a customized stress reduction strategy that fits one’s temperament, religion, lifestyle and time schedule plus how to fit such a program into ANY schedule. Ideal for both beginners and advanced students.

Corporate Meditation Workshop Series: This program is a series of 3-6 one hour corporate meditation seminars. Everything in the lunch and learn is covered plus more ideas on how to create a rock solid warm up routine to make meditation easier. We will also go much more in depth on designing a personal stress reduction strategy with a greater number of specific techniques. Employees will also receive interpersonal stress training which involves applying the principles of meditation to interpersonal relationships.

Half Day Corporate Meditation Workshop: The program covers everything from the series in 3.5 hours.

Quarter Day Corporate Meditation Workshop: The two hour program falls somewhere between the series and the lunch and learn program in terms of detail.

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